J-1 Incidental Employment

J-1 scholars may conduct research or teach only at Binghamton University unless you are specifically authorized ahead of time by the ISSS to give a lecture or consult at another U.S. institution. You must contact the ISSS at least 30 days in advance if you are invited to speak or consult at another school, or if you are invited to attend a professional conference for which you will receive reimbursement and/or an honorarium.  


The proposed employment must:

  • Be directly related to the objectives of your Exchange Visitor program
  • Be incidental to your primary program activities
  • Not delay the completion of your Exchange Visitor program

How to apply

You must submit the following documents to ISSS:

  • An offer letter from the prospective employer describing the terms and conditions of the proposed employment, including the duration, the number of hours, the field or subject, the amount of compensation, and a description of the activity for which you are being hired.
  • A letter from your department chair or faculty supervisor:
    • Referring to the letter from the prospective employer;
    • Confirming that the employment is directly related to your principal activity, is indeed incidental, and will not delay completion of your program;
    • Explaining how the proposed activity would enhance your Exchange Visitor program; and
    • Recommending approval of the employment.

An ISSS advisor will review the request. If you are approved for incidental employment, ISSS will provide you with written documentation of that authorization. You will need to provide this documentation to your outside employer.