Health insurance for family members

Family members (known as dependents) of international students and scholars must be enrolled for health insurance coverage within 31 days of:

  • Their arrival in the United States.
  • The birth of a child.
  • Marriage to an eligible participant.

There is a tremendous economic risk in not insuring your dependent family members with proper health insurance. U.S. federal regulations require the termination of a J visa status student or scholar if their dependent family members are not insured.

Eligible domestic partners also qualify for dependent health insurance coverage. An eligible domestic partner is an adult person (18 years of age or older) of the same or opposite sex who:

  1. Is not married or legally separated
  2. Has not been party to an action or preceding for divorce or annulment within the last six months, or has been a party to such an action or proceeding and at least six months have elapsed since the date of the judgment terminating the marriage
  3. Is not currently registered as a domestic partner with a different domestic partner and has not been in such a relationship for at least six months
  4. Occupies the same residence as the Eligible Participant
  5. Has not entered into a domestic partnership that is temporary, social, political, commercial or economic in nature
  6. Has entered into a domestic partnership arrangement with the named Insured.

The dependent enrollment process
You can enroll your own family members via the United HealthCare Student Resources website.