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Student Printing and Printing Support

Note: Print.binghamton links are only accessible on campus or by establishing an ivanti VPN connection. Student Printing Self Help

  • View and Manage Printing
    • Access Print@Binghamton to view quota balance, printing history, print jobs pending release, and upload files for printing.
    • Print from your own devices at public computer labs, set up here.
  • Consider the Impact - Think Before You Print
    • Save Paper & Save a Tree: Think Before You Print.
    • Evaluate the environmental impact of your printing habits.
    • Discover your personal impact by assessing your own printing activities this semester.

This is an image of the total pages printed the last 30 days.

Student Printing Quota:

  • Quota Allocation
    • All registered students will receive a quota of $43.50 at the start of each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). 
    • The print quota is issued by the first day of the semester. The print quota is not carried over to future semesters.
    • On the last day of finals the allocation of the print quota you do not use is lost and the quota is reset to zero until the first day of the next semester you are registered. 

    • The quota permits 1740 black and white double-sided pages, or 870 black and white single-sided pages. Color printing is also available. See printing prices below.

    • Students must be registered for the current semester, have no holds as listed in BUBrain and have a current University ID card.
  • Additional Printing
    • Students can use BUC$ to pay for additional printing services if their quota is exhausted.
    • Your balance is not charged unless you actually print a document.

Printing Prices:

  • Black/White Printing
    • One-sided: $0.05 per page.
    • Two-sided: $0.025 per side.
  • Color Printing
    • One-sided: $0.40 per page.
    • Two-sided: $0.20 per side.

Printing Methods:

1. Printing Web Interface
  • Access the Print@Binghamton web interface through MyBinghamton.
  • You can manage printing tasks, including checking quota balance, viewing printing history, and uploading files to print.
2. Printing from a lab or classroom computer
  • ITS Lab and Classroom Computers are configured to print directly to the Print@Binghamton Student Printing System.
  • Simply choose File —> Print from the application you are using to send your file to the printer.
  • Release print jobs by waving your ID card over the black ID card reader at the nearest student printer.
3. Printing from your own personal device, email or the web,
go to: http://PRINT.BINGHAMTON.EDU:9191
  • Email to Print:
    • Attach the file you want to print and send it to supported file type: pdf.
    • Release print jobs by waving your ID card over the black ID card reader at the nearest student printer. Any print jobs in your queue are released and then printed.
  • Web Print:
    • Log into Print@Binghamton using your Computer Account/BU credentials.
    • Select "Web Print" and upload the files you want to print.
    • Supported file types: pdf.
    • Release print jobs by waving your ID card over the black ID card reader at the nearest student printer.

image on how to use id to print

TIPS Note: Checkout the self-help Knowledge Base Article, Printing to Papercut .

General Help Articles for Student Printing

Wi-Fi Printers: Compatibility and Recommendations

Wireless printers are not compatible with the University’s secure, enterprise-level Wi-Fi network (eduroam), and are not supported in the Residence Halls. ITS recommends USB connected printers.


Student Printer Locations
Bartle Info Commons         Black/White & Color Printing
Bartle Graduate Commons  Black/White Printing 
LNG 102 & LNG 103 Classrooms  Black/White Printing
UU Basement  Black/White Printing 
 Academic A (AAG14 & AAG06)  Black/White & Color Printing
Science Library Information Commons  Black/White & Color Printing
Science 3 Mac Lab (West Pod- G13A) Black/White Printing
EOP Success Center  Black/White Printing
Fleishman Career Center Black/White Printing
C4 Success Center (101)  Black/White Printing
CIW Library/Tutoring Black/White Printing
Mountainview, Hunter & Windham Great Room Black/White Printing
Hinman Library/Success Center  Black/White Printing
Brandywine 108 (limited to residents)  Black/White Printing
Hillside Commons  Black/White Printing
ITC ES2011 & BI2628 Black/White Printing
UDC Information Commons Black/White & Color Printing
UDC Pod Classroom 123  Black/White Printing
UDC Graduate Lab 328 Black/White Printing
Pharmacy Building- 1st floor  Black/White & Color Printing
Decker College of Health Sciences- 1st floor Black/White & Color