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Summer and Fall 2019 course offerings

Summer is a great time to meet some of your required Gen Eds!
Please view Summer and Fall course descriptions here.

Our Department offers a wide range of courses including history, philosophy, literature, Israel Studies, Hebrew language, Yiddish language, and religious studies.

 New BA Degree Approved: Hebrew Studies

Students can now major in Hebrew Studies! For more information, speak with Professor Shoer, Karp, or Friedman.

Details of the requirements can be found here.

Areas of Study

The heart of the undergraduate program in Judaic Studies is found in a student's "Area of Study." Judaic Studies students shape their degree around a set of courses they choose. Students may focus their studies in Jewish history, philosophy, Yiddish culture, Judaism in America, Holocaust studies, Israel studies, religious studies, literature, and more.

Learn more about the programs we offer here.


BU offers courses in Hebrew and Yiddish for all levels. For more information about courses and placement, contact Professor Shoer (Hebrew) or Professor Glasman (Yiddish). 

Credit Bearing Community Internships Fall 2019

Work in a local dayschool, put on a museum exhibition, develop a local archive, write for the regional paper -- all for credit.

Information available here.

Upcoming Events 

CIS Simulation: "Deal of the Century" in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

Sunday| 28 April| TBD | LN 1106
Sponsored by Israel Institute Support for CIS

If you want to participate, please sign-up here.


Spring 2019 Judaic Studies Graduation Reception

Friday| 17 May| 2-5 pm | LT 1310

We hope you will come to pick up your graduation cords, enjoy some kosher refreshments and say goodbye to your favorite faculty! Your family and friends are welcome too!

Judaic Studies is proud of all its majors and minors, and we want to acknowledge you and all our graduates personally. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form and submit it by April 30, 2019.

For more detailed overview of Upcoming and Past Events, please visit our Events page.

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