Judaic Studies

Judaic Studies



As per BU President Harvey Stenger, all Judaic Studies classes have been moved online starting 3/19/20.

All Faculty office hours will be held online starting 3/19/20.
Professor Karp's Office Hours:
Monday’s 10-11, Tues 4-5 for now.

Professor Friedman's Office Hours:
Wednesdays 10am - noon, and by appointment.

To declare Major or Minor please use this Google Form.
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All previously announced Department events have been cancelled.

Information on the Coronavirus.

Please contact your Professors directly, or email Department Chair, prof Friedman (friedman@binghamton.edu) and DUS Prof Karp (jkarp@binghamton.edu) for any inquires.

Department Admin Contact: Maja Dragojlovic (mdragojl@binghamton.edu) 607.777.3070.

Judaic Studies, Hebrew Studies, Israel Studies and Religious Studies

The heart of the undergraduate program in Judaic Studies is found in a student's "Area of Study." Judaic Studies students shape their degree around a set of courses they choose.

Students may focus their studies in Jewish history, philosophy, literature, Yiddish culture, Judaism in America, Holocaust studies, Israel studies, religious studies, Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies, and more. We also offer courses in Hebrew and Yiddish for all levels. They meet Harpur FL requirement.


Thank you for your interest in and support of the Judaic Studies Department. Our endowments are dedicated to support Faculty and students research.

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