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Judaic Studies at SUNY Binghamton

Take challenging courses in something you love.

Bartle Library The Department of Judaic Studies offers courses in history, philosophy, literature, anthropology, religious studies, Israel studies, Holocaust studies, Sephardi and Mizrahi studies, American Judaism, Hebrew, and Yiddish.
The core of our program is the student-designed "Area of Study." Build your degree by choosing your own path, based on your interests. Areas of Study may include Jewish history, philosophy, Hebrew, Yiddish language and culture, Israel Studies, Holocaust Studies, Judaism in America, or any Area you design.

Students completing a Judaic Studies major will have a versatile liberal arts degree that prepares them well for a variety of paths, among them professional, graduate, and Jewish communal service. Our graduates move on to medical school, law school, the not-for-profit sector, and graduate school in education, history, and more. 

The department's teaching and affiliated faculty includes scholars from the humanities and the social sciences and the undergraduate curriculum covers a wide array of courses including courses in modern Hebrew, Yiddish, Israel Studies, Holocaust Studies, Sephardi History, Religious Studies, and literature.

Undergraduate Director

Professor Jonathan Karp

Office Hours:
Thurs, 1-3 pm 
LT 1309


Professor Randy Friedman

Office Hours:
Weds, 9 am-Noon 
LT 1312

Current Course Offerings

Click below for a .PDF overview of the Program of Study.chart

 Please see the Harpur College Bulletin for more information.

Last Updated: 3/14/19