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New Summer and Fall 2018 Courses

Courses included Jesus the Jew, Jewish New York, Non Profit Organizations, Conversion, Yiddish language, Hebrew, Modern Israel, Cultures and Society, Introduction to Israeli Literature, and more.

Summer and Fall course descriptions available here.

New Course Highlight: JUST 386 The Coming of the Rabbis

Instructor: Professor Michael Kelly

In this class, we will explore the dramatic rise of rabbis and rabbinical literature in late antiquity (c. 100 bc to ad 600) and analyze together the immediate and lasting effects of this moment on Judaism, as a faith, as an identity, and as a historical phenomenon. In this period, which begins around the occupation of the Land of Israel by the Roman Empire and the destruction of the Temple, Judaism underwent tremendous changes, including the invention of new holidays, the appearance of numerous sects and factions, a regular stream of professed messianic figures, and nearly endless riots and revolts.

Areas of Study

The heart of the undergraduate program in Judaic Studies is found in a student's "Area of Study." Judaic Studies students shape their degree around a set of courses they choose. Students may focus their studies in Jewish history, philosophy, Yiddish culture, Judaism in America, Holocaust studies, Israel studies, religious studies, literature, and more.

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BU offers courses in Hebrew and Yiddish for all levels. For more information about courses and placement, contact Professor Shoer (Hebrew) or Professor Glasman (Yiddish). 

Community Internships Fall 2018

Work in a local dayschool, put on a museum exhibition, develop a local archive, write for the regional paper -- all for credit.

Information available here.

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