Lab Consultants

Our consultants are philosophy and/or PPL majors with special training in critical thinking pedagogy. They are experienced, curious and excited to work with you.

Browse the list below to figure out which one of our consultants will be a good fit for you.

Coleen Watson - Lab Director 

Image: Coleen Watson
Coleen Watson

Coleen Watson is a PhD candidate in Binghamton’s Social, Political, Ethical and Legal (SPEL) Philosophy program. Her research interests are in applied ethics, democratic theory, citizenship and political philosophy broadly. She also dabbles a bit in the philosophy of sport. Her dissertation research explores how liberal democratic theory's epistemic requirements for citizenship may be in tension with actual human abilities to learn and be persuaded. Especially given the psychological and cognitive limitations empirical research has revealed over the past five decades. She has taught and TAed classes in ethical theory, critical thinking, political philosophy, introduction to philosophy, ancient philosophy, medical ethics, law and justice, and environmental ethics.

When not critically thinking and philosophizing, Watson loves hanging out with her dachshund, Rusty; participating in and watching sports, especially Olympic-style weightlifting; and camping.

Watson is available for scheduled in-person appointments. 

Adam Ascione D'Elia

Image: Adam I. Ascione D'Elia
Adam I. Ascione D'Elia

A senior studying philosophy, mathematics, and Judaic studies. Though interested in materialism and humanism across many historical schools of philosophy, he has mostly focused on ancient philosophy in academic courses and is working on a thesis on the philosophy of work and the pandemic in the Pell Honors Program. After graduation, Ascione D'Elia is interested in further academic study in either philosophy or mathematics, or possibly pursuing a career in law. His extracurricular activities include being treasurer of the Binghamton University Philosophy Club, and also a fencer and co-president of tournaments for the Binghamton University Fencing Club. Courses in which he has excelled include:

  • PHIL 105: Intro to Asian Philosophy
  • PHIL 201: Plato and Aristotle
  • PHIL 202: Descartes, Hume, and Kant
  • PHIL 456A: Ancient Legal Theory

Image: Chloe A Cairncross
Chloe A Cairncross

A junior studying philosophy and anthropology. Her interests in philosophy lie in existentialism and the evolution of cultural norms through history and language. She is an academic writer as well as a creative writer, having written stories centered on philosophical ideas, for example, absurdism. She is also interested in exploring philosophical ideas through literature and storytelling. Classes in which Cairncross has excelled include:

  • PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 107: Existence and Freedom
  • PHIL 121: Methods of Reasoning
  • PHIL 201: Plato and Aristotle
  • PHIL 202: Descartes, Hume, and Kant

Madelaine Hastings

Image: Madelaine Hastings
Madelaine Hastings
As a senior double-majoring in cross-cultural communications through the Individualized Major Program, and philosophy, Hasting's academic interests have presented her with the opportunity to engage with critical thinking in various contexts, from the literary to historical to sociological. Her favorite areas of philosophical study are moral philosophy and moral psychology, and she is especially interested in exploring the limitations of moral agency and moral responsibility, which will be the general focus of her work in the Pell Honors Program. Classes where she has excelled include:

  • Phil 202: Descartes, Hume, and Kant
  • Phil 340: Ethical Theory

Maya Wolf

Image: Maya R Wolf
Maya R Wolf
A junior studying philosophy, politics and law; environmental policy and law; and Spanish. She is interested in how philosophy informs policy and responses to contemporary issues, particularly focusing on environmental justice and the climate crisis. Outside of class, Wolf plays and serves on the executive board for Binghamton's Club Water Polo Team. Classes in which she has excelled include:

  • PHIL 146: Law and Justice
  • PHIL 149: Environmental Ethics and Policy

Joseph Hili

Image: Joseph Hili
Joseph Hili

A senior studying philosophy, history and cinema. He is interested in the broad, recurring questions that have historically defined philosophy: What is the nature of reality? How should one live? At the moment he is especially engrossed in the intersection between Buddhist and Continental philosophy, and is hopeful that it may provide answers to some of the issues faced by modern humans. When not studying philosophy, he enjoys taking walks in the woods and watching old movies. Courses he has taken in the past include: 

  • PHIL 107: Existence and Freedom
  • PHIL 122: Elementary Logic
  • PHIL 201: Plato and Aristotle
  • PHIL 202: Descartes, Hume, and Kant
  • PHIL 380: Consciousness
  • PHIL 486B: Buddhist Ethics