Think out-loud with a Critical Thinking Lab peer consultant

SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION with critical thinking lab

Tutoring Services Include:

  • Taking in-class notes
  • Reading and comprehension for philosophy texts
  • Earning participation points
  • In-class writing exams
  • Brainstorming paper/project
  • Research and citation for paper/project
  • Raising objections in a paper/project
  • Editing paper/project
  • Preparing for a presentation

Walk-in hours will be hosted over Zoom. For walk-in hours, please email the consultant running your preferred session in order to receive a Zoom link. Walk-in Zoom consultations are on a 1st come - 1st served basis. We highly recommend you schedule an in-person consultation to ensure you get the help you need.

There are no consultations, walk-in or by appointment, on University holidays. Please consult Academic Calendar  for relevant dates.

The Critical Thinking Lab is located in Library Tower, 1205

How to make the most of your consultation

  • Work hard to understand the material first
    Where applicable, grapple with any assigned readings and texts before your consultation. Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds, but they may not be familiar with the content of your paper or project.
  • Prepare to think
    Come in with a sense of what part of the thinking process you want to focus on—i.e. brainstorming, organization, revising, etc.
  • Plan time for revision
    Set aside time after your appointment to reflect, revise, and ask follow-up questions as you develop your thinking further.
  • Meet early in the semester and visit often
    Developing your critical thinking will take time, practice, and ongoing effort. Be patient with yourself, ask questions, and your thinking will improve.
  • Utilize your consultant's strengths
    Each of our consultants has certain areas of interest and specialization with which they can provide more targeted assistance. Be sure to read their bios below to see if a particular consultant has the expertise you need.


Contact Coleen Watson at with any questions.