University Innovation Lab


Structured Innovation Program

Fostering interdisciplinary skill sets

State-of-the-art space on campus

Reimagining How We Teach, Learn and Create

The Binghamton University Innovation Scholars program combines academics, experiential learning, networking and mentorship to teach students how to solve large, unstructured problems. By fostering interdisciplinary skill sets, the program helps our students create comprehensive solutions for the economy's greatest challenges.

With construction of a state-of-the-art innovation lab completed in 2021, the Innovation Scholars now have a dedicated space for teaching, learning and creating.

With an emphasis on design-thinking, new students are taught how to break local and global problems down into four simple questions:

  • What if?
  • What wows?
  • What works?
  • What’s next?

After the establishment of a creative toolbox, students develop solutions to real-world problems in the form of products and services during their junior and senior year. The best projects have the potential to graduate on to the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator in Binghamton.

A program for our next generation of dreamers and doers, it brings creatives, engineers, scientists and business specialists from across campus together in a diverse, engaging environment to facilitate disruptive innovation.

Innovation Scholars are able to utilize Justinmind Software to prototype and wireframe products. Learn more about Justinmind at this link.


  • Rethink traditional ways to teach and learn
  • Provide a space for ideas to come to life
  • Produce the talent organizations need to thrive


  • Disrupt the marketplace
  • Drive economic development
  • Improve quality of life


  • Year 1-2: Identify problems
  • Year 2-3: Design prototype and test
  • Year 3-4: Deliver pitches

The next step

The best ideas will advance to the $19-million 35,000-square foot Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. Located in downtown Binghamton, it offers laboratories and other features associated with industry-based R&D, including testing and evaluation and prototyping. The Incubator will provide the infrastructure needed for the ideas generated in the Innovation Lab to reach the marketplace.

Skill sets of the future

Through the Innovation Scholars program, students gain skills in:

  • Experimentation, creativity and problem solving
  • Resiliency and recovery from failure
  • Solving complex, unstructured problems
  • Employing cross-functional teams

Breaking down silos

The Innovation Scholars break down academic and professional silos by joining faculty/student expertise in business, science, engineering, innovation and design. The program fosters existing cutting-edge research and high-tech resources to accelerate innovation.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is located on campus on the first floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library, in the old Newcomb Reading Room. Construction of the 10,000 square foot space was completed over summer 2021. The state-of-the-art lab is used as a classroom and space for students to collaborate.

Contact us

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For information on how to donate to the program, contact Laurie Norell at or 607-777-2948