Student Printing

Students can print to laser printers from computers in public computing areas (Pods) and from their personal devices using the Print@Binghamton printing system. Complete details are available on the ITS printing web site.

Every registered student will receive a semester quota, as detailed in the ITS printing site above. Unused quota remains available until the end of the semester. When your the quota is exhausted a BUC$ account must be activated to pay for additional printing.

  • In order to reduce demand on paper and toner supplies, duplex printing is the now the default selection when you print your files.
  • To improve the efficiency of the printing system, print jobs will remain in printing queues for 2 hours. Please be sure to retrieve your print jobs within this time frame.

Tips for Printing Smart

Last year students at Binghamton printed over 11,000,000 pages! Please think before you print and consider these tips to help conserve resources, reduce waste, and make your printing quota last longer.

  • Print duplex whenever possible
  • Correct errors before printing. Spell check and use "print preview" to identify editing and formatting problems.
  • When printing from a web browser, use "print preview" to see how the page will be laid out. Print only the selection of pages that you need.
  • When PowerPoint printing, print handouts instead of slides. You can print up to 9 slides per page. Make this selection on the Print dialog box.
  • Avoid printing e-mails to simply read them. If you must print multiple emails, cut and paste them into a single MS Word file.
  • Share documents electronically using Google Docs, e-mail, or your H drive.

Printing and BUC$ Accounts

If you have a BUC$ account and your quota is exhausted you can:

  • Add funds to your account online
  • Use the BUC$ machine in the Science Library. To add funds using cash, swipe your card in a BUC$ machine and follow the directions. BUC$ machines do not accept credit cards. 
  • Visit the Meal Plan Office in the University Union, just underneath the Tillman Lobby outside the Mandela Room. Hours, Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., or call 607-777-6000.
  • Do not purchase a new BUC$ card from the machine. It will not allow you to print.

If you don't have a BUC$ account:

  • Visit the Meal Plan Office to activate your BUC$ account. The office is located in the University Union. Hours, Monday – Friday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., or call 607-777-6000.
  • You must have an active BUC$ before you can add money. 

Community Printing 

Limited printing is available in Bartle Library as a courtesy service to visitors who use Bartle's Guest Computers. Visit the Reader Services Desk to discuss printing options.

  • Guests may retrieve a two-hour computer pass from the Reader Services Desk.
  • BUC$ can no longer be used for community printing. 
  • Other campus printing services available to you are Print Solutions or SA Ink.

Please visit Services for Guests for information about guest computer access and borrowing privileges.