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headshot of Frank M. Cardullo

Frank M. Cardullo

Emeritus Professor

Mechanical Engineering


Frank Cardullo conducts research in the area of man-machine systems, specifically mathematical modeling and analysis of the dynamics of both the human operator and the machine. He has applied this research to the perception and stimulation of visual and motion cues in flight simulators, mathematical modeling of vehicle dynamics for flight simulation and computational methods for real time systems. He is also an active consultant in this area for many aerospace companies and U.S. government agencies. Cardullo is the author of 19 technical papers in both flight and ground vehicle simulation and a number of reports and has been awarded a patent for the "Advanced G-Seat". He is a recipient of the De Florez Award for Flight Simulation and Training. Prior to joining the faculty, Cardullo spent 14 years as an engineer in the simulation industry, most of it with Link. He is an associate fellow of the AIAA, a former chairman of its Flight Simulation Technical Committee and currently a member of its Life Sciences Technical Committee. He is also a member of the IMAGE Society, the Aerospace Medical Association and the American Association of Engineering Educators.


  • BSAE, Boston University
  • MS, Binghamton University

Research Interests

  • Man-machine systems
  • vehicle simulation
  • mathematical modeling of vehicle dynamics
  • control systems analysis


  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

  • 2009-2010