We are fortunate to have alumni all over the world who have stayed connected to Binghamton University. Here are a few notable alumni from the Mechanical Engineering Department.


My PhD in mechanical engineering from Binghamton University has changed my life and enabled me to compete for the best jobs in both industry and academia; these include a senior lead engineer at Emerson Electric, one of the Fortune 500 companies, to assistant professor at the mechanical engineering department at Wichita state university and currently at the Durham school at University of Nebraska Lincoln, one of the best Architectural engineering program at the U.S. The type of research I did during my PhD study while working with Dr. Younis and using the state of art MEMS lab of Dr. Miles is equivalent to any other research at the top engineering schools in the world and I'm always proud of Binghamton University.

Fadi Alsaleem, MS '07, PhD '09, Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering and Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Working in Dr. Paul Chiarot's research group reminded me of what the relationship between a teacher and student should be about: mutual respect, long nights in the lab, a bit of laughter, honest academic discussions and a shared desire to discover the unknown. I learned valuable lab skills in an industry-funded project, and thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Professor Chiarot.

Richard Barley '16, MS '17, Applications Support Specialist at SP Scientific


The Binghamton University ME Department helped me establish a strong foundation in academics and leadership. I crafted my engineering skills with challenging coursework while working in Dr. Chiarot's lab following my freshman year. I also learned how to lead independent projects and large organizations with influence from the Watson School to the national level. Each year brought opportunities that prepared me for my career as an aerospace engineer and leader in my company's Aerospace Women's Council. I am grateful for my experiences and the mentorship I received from faculty, staff and peers.

Ami Bhavsar '16, MS '17, Product Design Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace


My BS degree from Binghamton was very much a springboard to higher education, several research positions and eventually a faculty position in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan. When I think back on my undergraduate experience and how it prepared me both technically and professionally, I think of Prof Murray's encouragement to pursue research, Prof Miles' class on PDEs (which gave me an edge over my fellow graduate students later on), Prof Singler's renewable energy tangents in fluids and Prof Pitarresi's rock climbing examples in statics/dynamics, all of which play a role in my research and teaching today.

Jesse Capecelatro '09, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan


The Mechanical Engineering department has faculty who are passionate in training students to become innovative and creative researchers. It was a pleasure to have Profs. Chiarot, Huang and Murray as my mentors!

Mikhail Coloma, PhD '17, Operations Research Analyst/Scientist at Leidos
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The research opportunities in Mechanical Engineering set me on the path to my own career as a faculty member. I often think of my courses in mechanics and materials with Professors Pitaressi and McGrann and draw inspiration from their examples in my own teaching.

David Henann '06, James R. Rice Assistant Professor of Engineering at Brown University


The Mechanical Engineering Department at Binghamton University has played an incredible role in shaping my passion and career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Tyler. Of the countless impactful experiences in my eight years at Binghamton University, the most formative was my Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Professor Shahrzad Towfighian and Professor Mohammad Younis. Since my first day I joined Binghamton University as a graduate student, they believed in me and gave me endless support. On the academic level, they taught me the fundamentals of conducting scientific research in the mechanical engineering area. Under their supervision, I learned how to define a research problem, find a solution to it, and finally publish the results. On a personal level, they inspired me by their hardworking and passionate attitude. Whether it is in the past, present or in the future, I am proud to be a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Binghamton University for becoming the kind of scientist I am today. For that I am grateful, and I will proudly represent Binghamton University wherever my career path takes me. Go Green!

Wathiq Ibrahim, MS '13, PhD '17, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Tyler


My experience in the 4+1 Accelerated Program opened the door to research and hands-on experience that I otherwise would not have had. Receiving my master's degree in only five years helped me jump start my career and stand out within an increasingly competitive market.

Matthew Jones '14, MS '15, Product Development Engineer at Ford Motor Company

andrew kang

Undertaking extraordinary research and engineering projects at Binghamton University inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. I left Binghamton extremely empowered and eager to tackle some of the world's most devastating health problems as a fluid mechanician. An enormous thank you to Prof. Huang, Prof. Yong, and Prof. Zaychik for their invaluable guidance in research, in fluid dynamics, and in project design.

Andrew Kang, BS '18, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student in KirbyLab Microfluidics at Cornell University


I learned to be a student with the influence of the excellent academic environment of Binghamton University. I learned to be a good researcher by taking the enlightening training and courses taught by the passionate educators of the Mechanical Engineering department and I learned to be a better person by seeing the embodiment of mentoring and responsibility from my PhD advisor, Professor Chiarot. All of these helped me get to where I am today.

Li Lu, PhD '16, Advanced Development Engineer at Bio-rad


The quality of coursework and the receptiveness of the faculty to new ideas provided me with fundamental knowledge, and the freedom to explore my passions in mechanical engineering. The 4+1 accelerated program allowed me to pursue a master's degree in a way that was affordable and efficient.

Tyler J. Mehlman '16, MS '17, Mechanical Engineer at The University of Arizona (Large Binocular Telescope). 


The faculty in the ME department at Binghamton are incredibly generous with their time and their mentoring most certainly helped me get to where I am today. Early on, I fondly remember Prof. James Pitarresi's office hours for mechanics and Prof. Bruce Murray taking extra time to oversee my independent coursework in fluid mechanics. A bit later on, Prof. Frank Cardullo advised my senior capstone project and Prof. Tim Singler supervised some undergraduate research in fluid mechanics and, importantly, encouraged me to pursue advanced degrees at Caltech.

Nick Parziale '08, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology


My experience working under the guidance of Dr. Miles in the vibro-acoustics lab at Binghamton University gave me a great foundation to work in the consumer electronics industry. I have been able to lean on my research experience from school and build on the product development experience, starting with a small OEM called Solteras and then while working in companies like Bose and Amazon's Lab 126. While working on my Master's and then the PhD theses, I received the right mix of modeling, analysis and measurement experience. I look back fondly at the time that I spent in Binghamton and appreciate the opportunity that I had to be part of Binghamton University.

Mihir Shetye, PhD '07, Senior Audio Hardware Engineer at Amazon


The research I did in the Mechanical Engineering department at Binghamton University as an MS student has introduced me to the exciting field of nanoscale heat transfer. This further helped me get into the PhD program at MIT and eventually pursue an academic career in this field. I enjoyed my time at Binghamton University where I have made many lifelong mentors, friends and also met my husband Yan.

Zhiting Tian, MS '09, Assistant Professor at Cornell University, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 


The Watson School challenged me immensely, strengthening my technical prowess and contributing to my passing of the EIT/FE Exam, a prerequisite for the Professional Engineer License.I will never forget the real-world assignments like designing airplane landing-gear and a collapsible drum set that sent my head spinning in infinite directions, yet cultivated an internal sense of persistence and accomplishment, something I value highly today.I was able to apply and build upon my passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency through the Watson School's Sustainable Engineering Minor. Today, I lead solar photovoltaic development projects across the country. Even though my student ID may have expired, I'll always consider myself a student: a student of life.

Devan Tracy '13, Senior Project Engineer at Lockheed Martin
Tracy returned to campus to give a talk on sustainability as part of TEDxBinghamton in 2018. 


The research experience in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Binghamton University encouraged me to pursue further academia. More importantly, I have met many great faculty, generous staff, and supportive friends there. Thanks to Prof. Chiarot and Prof. Singler, who have shared their precious research experience with me. Last but not least, thanks to my Ph.D. advisor Prof. Yong, who guided me to the fantastic world of computational fluid dynamics and supported me all the time.

Mingfei Zhao, PhD '19, Postdoctoral Scholar at Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago