Our Mission

To train professionally-oriented students for careers in music: in performance, composition, music history, and music theory. We aim to accomplish this objective through our bachelor's degrees and our graduate programs. Our professional music degrees are supported by a broad foundation in the liberal arts, a historical strength of Harpur College.

To enrich the musical life of all students on campus through specially designed courses, various ensemble participation, and studio instruction in most instruments and voice; these are open and available to all matriculated students. Indeed, the Department has always prided itself on the rich 'hands on' choices for music study it provides to the general liberal arts student. IN addition there are numerous concerts of all kinds that enrich the musical life of the university community.

To serve as an important arts resource for the civic community and region through the active presentation of faculty, guest, and student concerts (over 100 per year), special courses, lectures, workshops, master classes, community outreach programs, and cooperative projects with other musical institutions in the area. We view this as central to our mission as a public institution in a relatively small metropolitan area.

To expand the Department of Music's reputation through the active concert touring of its artist faculty and through the publications of its scholars so that the department's influence is felt not only regionally, but nationally and internationally as well.