Our Mission

To advance the creation, performance, and study of music through the teaching, research, and creative activities of our faculty and students.

To train students in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for careers in music and other continuing musical pursuits in performance, composition, scholarship, and other fields, providing professional-level music education and music-making experiences within the liberal-arts framework of Harpur College.

To promote and transform musical cultures on the national and international scale through innovative, influential, high-quality performance, composition, and scholarship by our faculty and students.

To develop in our faculty, students, and audiences an understanding of music as an expressive, communicative, collaborative, and socially transformative practice that engages the full diversity and scope of human history and culture.

To enrich the culture of the Binghamton campus through performances and educational opportunities, including studio lessons and ensemble courses available by audition to all students, regardless of major.

To enrich local and regional communities through public programming, collaborative partnerships with community arts organizations, and educational outreach.