Music FAQ

What ensembles do you offer?

  • Vocal Ensembles:  Harpur Chorale, Treble Chorus, Chamber Singers, Opera Workshop
  • Instrumental Ensembles: Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Studio Band, Nukporfe African Drum and Dancing Ensemble
  • Small Ensembles:  Jazz Combos, Percussion Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Low Brass Ensemble, and others

What classes do you offer?

  • Music theory and musicianship
  • Music history, musicology, and ethnomusicology
  • Vocal Performance classes: studio voice class, vocal repertoire classes, diction classes, vocal pedagogy
  • Composition, songwriting, and production
  • Conducting
  • Jazz in American Music; US Popular Music
  • Music cultures:  Far East and Asia; Africa, Caribbean, and Latin America; Western Classical
  • Other topics that vary by semester

What do you offer lessons in?

  • Voice
  • Piano, organ and harpsichord
  • All orchestral instruments
  • All wind symphony instruments
  • Most standard jazz ensemble instruments

Can I take music lessons, join ensembles, and join classes if I'm not a music major or minor?

Yes! Music lessons on a variety of instruments and voice, as well as all ensembles and many of our class offerings, are available to you even if you’re not a music student.  

Can I take lessons if I am a beginner?

Sometimes. We offer a voice class and a keyboard class for beginners. We’re not always able to accommodate beginners with other instruments. It is best to email to get more information.

What if I need an instrument?

Students are generally expected to provide their own instruments, but we do own a small number of instruments to be borrowed for those accepted into ensemble programs on specialized instruments, or to those taking instrumental methods courses. Email for more information and solutions.