Music Minor

Music Minor Requirements

Students who wish to minor in music should first make an appointment with the undergraduate director for advising and formal declaration of the minor after completing MUS 215 and MUS 216. Studio instruction is encouraged but may not substitute for any of the required courses:

Theory and Musicianship

  • MUS 215. Theory I and MUS 216. Musicianship I

  • MUS 217. Theory II and MUS 218. Musicianship II

  • MUS 315. Theory III and MUS 316. Musicianship III

History and Literature - two courses taken in sequence, as follows:

  • MUS 301. History of Western Music I

  • MUS 302. History of Western Music II


  • MUS 302. History of Western Music II

  • MUS 303. History of Western Music III


  • MUS 304. Introduction to Ethnomusicology (prerequisite: MUS 217)

Music minors are required to participate for at least two semesters in a major vocal or instrumental ensemble, or accompanying. Students are placed by the director(s) of the appropriate program(s).