Space Planning

Planning and managing the physical space at Binghamton University is a complex effort involving staff from multiple offices and departments. The Office of Course Building and Academic Space Management (CBASM) has primary responsibility for the inventory, utilization and evaluation of academic and research facilities at the University. The office's role with regard to assignment of space is advisory.

CBASM performs the following space-related services:

Classroom Renovation Planning

  • Works with Educational Communications Center and Physical Facilities staffs to ensure classrooms meet the pedagogical and technological needs of instructors and students; this team develops long-term renovation plans for review and approval by the Learning Environment Committee and Space Management Council
  • Works with several key groups to develop recommendations that will ensure existing classrooms and learning environments have the infrastructure necessary to support future needs

Utilization Studies

  • Tracks and reports room-usage data to improve course scheduling and make informed decisions about classroom inventory changes

Space Programming and Planning

  • Develops space needs analyses based on projections for enrollment and research growth
  • Develops programs for Academic Affairs and Research Division when relocations or new construction are being considered
  • Provides support to academic departments and dean's offices in developing space needs and utilization analyses to inform space allocation changes within departments/schools

Space Guidelines and Allocation Policies

  • Reviews academic and research space guidelines and allocation policies; recommends changes for adaptation
  • Maintains requests for academic and research space and develops assignments

Renovation and Relocation Support

  • Acts as Physical Facilities liaison with the Provost's Office and academic units to guide renovation projects through design and construction
  • Assists with relocations

Space Reporting

  • Completes a variety of space and inventory surveys and reports for Academic Affairs and Research Division staff

Liaison for Capital Projects

  • Serves on planning committees for any capital projects involving Academic Affairs or Research Division space