Course Building

The Office of Course Building and Academic Space Management (CBASM) at Binghamton University assists departments in creating the course offerings/schedule of classes for each term. CBASM oversees the process for fall and spring semesters, while the Center for Learning & Teaching oversees the process for winter and summer.

The course offerings are governed by the academic rules of the dean's office for each school and college.

The schedule of classes is initially developed by each department using Banner software. CBASM provides training, administrative and technical support for the course building process.

Course Building Process

At the start of course building, CBASM will provide deans, department chairs and program directors with Banner deadlines and course building dates. Several open periods of access to Banner will be granted. During the open periods, departments will review their offerings for accuracy, build new course offerings and inactivate courses that will not be offered. In addition, course offerings will be updated for correct day, time, instructor, enrollment details, restrictions, course fees and course descriptions.

After each open period, CBASM will provide a series of edit reports that the departments should correct during the next open course building period. Once the schedule of classes has been finalized, it is published to the websites listed below. Before the schedule is published to the Web, departments can view details of their course offerings using SAS (ODS). A series of canned reports are available for departments to run to view various aspects of their courses.

Once course building is closed requests for changes to courses should be sent to

Schedule of Classes

The finalized Web version of the schedule of classes is available on the BU BRAIN (requires PODS ID and password) or the public class schedule.

With some of the recent updates to BU Brain, there is a small change with regards to navigating from the course description view back to the class list view.
From the class list, when the user clicks on an individual CRN, they are taken to the course description view. Towards the bottom of the page, there is a link for returning to the previous page (class list). Upon clicking the 'Return to Previous' link, the user is presented with an error message.

Please follow these steps in order to return to the class list.