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Speaking Center Student Staff

The heartbeat of the Speaking Center is the student staff. Through their roles as consultants, senior consultants and program assistants, these students provide campus-wide support to help peers prepare for, practice and polish their public speaking. Learn more about the Speaking Center student team here!

Consultant Interns

Senior Consultants

Program Assistants

Meet the Student Staff

Consultant Interns

The Speaking Center recruits and trains selected undergraduate students to serve as peer consultants in the center every fall and spring semester. Consultants hold regular office hours staffing the Speaking Center and take part in a weekly seminar class on public speaking, communication skills development, facilitation and consulting.

Speaking Center consultants receive academic internship credit for their time commitment.

Apply to be a consultant!


Details and a link to the application are posted on the Internship Opportunity webpage. We welcome inquiries about the position! Talk with a current consultant or send an email if you have any questions. 

Senior Consultants

Senior Consultants are undergraduates who serve in a variety of roles that incorporate oral communication skills development. They support first-semester consultants and help staff the Speaking Center while also providing outreach to the campus community. When available, senior consultants facilitate workshops about oral communication and presentation skills to a variety of audiences including student organizations, student leader groups, classrooms and others.

The Speaking Center senior consultants have all served at least one semester as a consultant and have successfully completed the Speaking Center consultant seminar.

Program Assistants

Students who have successfully completed both the consultant and senior consultant roles have the opportunity to serve as Speaking Center program assistants. These students support senior consultants and also facilitate a variety of outreach and programming initiatives to assist in the Speaking Center's support of students' public speaking success.

Meet the Spring 2024 Speaking Center student staff team!

Adelyn Hernandez Duarte headshot
Adelyn Hernandez Duarte, senior consultant
Adylen Hernandez Duarte 

Senior Consultant

Year: Senior

Major(s)/minor(s): Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies with a minor in Spanish 

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Why are you working as a senior consultant? My goal is to create a safe space where peers can express their concerns regarding public speaking/communication in order to improve - while having someone who understands those challenges and who can offer constructive feedback and tactics without creating an overwhelming or discouraging environment. 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The technology at the Speaking Center allows you to re-watch your presentation as much as possible to tweak but also notice improvement!

Public speaking advice:  Have a water bottle nearby when presenting in case you are parched or need a second to recollect your thoughts that you may have forgotten while presenting.

Alessandra Angiello


Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Political Science and Frenc

Hometown: Eastchester, New York

Why are you working as a consultant? I wanted to be a Speaking Center Consultant to share what I've learned over the years and help individuals grow their public speaking skills, all the while further developing my own public voice and communication skills. I thrive when working with and meeting new people, so I'm excited to meet the students who work at, as well as visit, the Speaking Center. 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center at Binghamton University serves as a valuable resource for students, catering to individuals at all points of the public speaking spectrum and provides a safe place for students to practice and refine their public speaking abilities. 

Public speaking advice: Really try to know your material well, that way you won't have to worry about referring to your notes and your confidence and personality and really shine through. 

Alexandra Weldon headshot
Alexandra Weldon, senior consultant
Alexandra Weldon

Senior Consultant

Year: Junior

Major(s)/minors: Accounting

Hometown:  Long Island, New York

Why are you working as a senior consultant? Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it is essential for academic and professional success. I want to act as source of support for students looking to improve their confidence in speaking and presenting. 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center is such a great resource for improving your presentation and public speaking skills. It is a judgment-free space for students to bring up questions about their presentations, practice speeches, and receive insightful feedback. 

Public speaking advice: Know your topic inside and out! Not only will it improve your speaking confidence, but it will help you when it comes time to answer questions from the audience. Also, make sure to practice presenting before it’s time for the real-deal! 

Brooke Burke headshot
Brooke Burke, consultant
Brooke Burke


Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Integrative Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Why are you working as a consultant? I want to help students at Binghamton feel more confident about their public speaking and oral communication skills, as well as promote the Speaking Center's resources as it can be of extreme help to students of any major!

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center provides personalized advice on anything from a presentation for a class to your overall public speaking skills. Almost every career path and major involves some form of oral communication, and the Speaking Center can supply the tools necessary to improve upon yourself regardless of the experience you have with presenting.

Public speaking advice: Confidence is key: Even if you aren't feeling too confident in your abilities to present to an audience or are feeling nervous, acting as if you are sure of your self will cultivate real confidence and allow you to connect with your audience!                                                                              

Brynn Nelsen headshot
Brynn Nelsen, program assistant
Brynn Nelsen

Program assistant

Year:  Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Human Development with minors in History and Education

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Why are you working as a program assistant? I think the Speaking Center is an amazing resource, and I want to help it thrive for as long as I can!

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center helps you grow your confidence with speaking in front of people, professionally. Everyone can use practice with that!

Public speaking advice: Let your personality shine through - don't pretend to be something you are not!

Carl Zou headshot
Carl Zou, consultant
Carl Zou


Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s):  Finance and MIS

Hometown: Lynbrook, NY

Why are you working as a consultant? I want to develop my own speaking skills as well as assist others in their public speaking journey.

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit the speaking center to build confidence and improve their presentation skills.

Public speaking advice: Body language is a very important and overlooked aspect of communication. When presenting or speaking in public, always be sure to stand up straight, chest out, standing in a shoulder-width stance. Make eye contact and be sure to smile!

Deborah Sridhar headshot
Deborah Sridhar, consultant

Deborah Sridhar


Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Computer Engineering major, Theatre and English minors

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why are you working as a consultant? Delivering a presentation in front of a large audience can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, the task becomes more manageable with some help preparing for the presentation. I aim to support my peers struggling with similar difficulties and help them deliver a polished and effective presentation.

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? It's good to practice your presentation ahead of time and know where to work on it. The prep work becomes much easier with friendly consultants and a recording to return to! 

Public speaking advice: It's OK to look back at your slides for reference, but try to present what you understand about your topic rather than reading off the slides. This will help you engage your audience and make your presentation more interesting!

Gino DeLeone headshot
Gino DeLeone, program assistant
Gino DeLeone

Program Assistant

Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Hometown: Elmira, New York

Why are you working as a program assistant? Program Assistants get to promote the Speaking Center to the student body directly, bringing greater awareness about the Center's existence and benefits!

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center helps make presenting far less daunting - it gives you confidence in your presentation and helps you improve your delivery, giving you skills you can use in the rest of your academic career and beyond! 

Public speaking advice: Finding a way to have fun with your presentation makes it far less intimidating, and far more enjoyable!

Giovanni DeSena headshot
Giovanni DeSena, consultant
Giovanni DeSena


Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Business Administration, Concentration in Leadership & Consulting and Management Information Systems

Hometown: Centereach, NY

Why are you working as a consultant? I wanted to help others find their voice and express themselves with confidence!

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Because communication skills are invaluable. As scary as public speech can be, being good at it is a skill that can help you enormously in any aspect of life.

Public speaking advice: Have energy, care about what you are presenting, and have fun.

Jared Richman headshot
Jared Richman, consultant

Jared Richman

Program Assistant

Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Biology

Hometown: Plainview, New York

Why are you working as a program assistant? I enjoyed working as a senior consultant last semester and wanted to keep spreading the word on a larger scale about the benefits of the Speaking Center.

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Everybody struggles with public speaking in some capacity, so the Speaking Center is there to help alleviate those fears and build new strengths. 

Public speaking advice: If you maintain eye contact with the audience, your body language will adjust, and you will appear more confident.

John LoBello headshot
John LoBello, consultant

John LoBello


Year:  Senior

Major(s)/minor(s): Statistics & Economics 

Hometown: New York, NY

Why are you working as a consultant? I wanted to be a speaking center consultant because this opportunity seems very rewarding. I get to give hands-on advice to other students regarding the way they give presentations, while also allowing myself to constantly improve my own speaking skills. I also get to work with material that could be very different from what I'm studying, which is exciting.

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit the speaking center because they'll get to do a "test run" of their presentation/speech in front of a smaller audience (probably 2 people). The stakes are low and we're all willing to help you improve. There's essentially nothing to lose from coming here!

Public speaking advice: Before starting any presentation, stretch, run, do jumping jacks, do anything that you would do to warm up before an exercise. This not only will put you in the right mindset, but will also allow you to be less physically stiff when you present.

Katherine Scheuermann headshot
Katherine Scheuermann, consultant

Katherine Scheuermann


Year:  Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Business Administration, Concentration in Finance

Hometown: Wantagh, NY

Why are you working as a consultant? I wanted to be a Speaking Center Consultant because I love sharing knowledge and helping others, which helps aid in my own personal and professional growth as well. 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit the Speaking Center if they want to develop their public speaking skills and become more confident in their abilities.

Public speaking advice: Presentation advice: Watch the pace you are speaking at, make eye contact with your audience, and project your voice! :)

Keiko Waters headshot
Keiko Waters, program assistant

Keiko Waters

Program Assistant

Year:  Senior

Major(s)/minor(s):  Philosophy, Politics and Law and Psychology double major

Hometown: Putnam Valley, New York

Why are you working as a program assistant? Working at the Speaking Center taught me so much about public speaking and how to help others. I am excited to come back as a senior consultant to continue to help students with their oral communication skills, and promote the Speaking Center on campus! 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center is a comfortable and friendly environment for students to work on public speaking in any capacity. We know public speaking can be intimidating for some, and we are here to help you in any way we can! 

Public speaking advice: Having confidence and believing in yourself is half the battle!

Madelyn Hoskins headshot
Madelyn Hoskins, program assistant
Madelyn Hoskins 

Program assistant

Year: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s): Biology with a minor in Forensic Health

Hometown: Endwell, New York

Why are you working as a program assistant? I wanted to be a program assistant because I overall love the Speaking Center environment. I also want to further support and bring new ideas to the Speaking Center!

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit the Speaking Center because it is a safe and comfortable environment for them to further develop their public speaking skills! 

Public speaking advice: Turn your fears of public speaking into confidence! 

Melissa Paredes headshot
Melissa Paredes, consultant

Melissa Paredes


Year: Sophomore

Major(s)/minor(s): Business Administration with a minor in Psychology

Hometown: Queens, NY

Why are you working as a consultant? I'm a big advocate for effective communication and in helping others better their public speaking skill I hope to develop mine too :) 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit the Speaking Center because it is such a helpful resource whose purpose is to better you as not just a student but a person as well. 

Public speaking advice: Feel the fear and do it anyway! Have confidence in your knowledge of the topic and trust yourself to execute it well. Believe in yourself!

Michelle Boateng headshot
Michelle Boateng, consultant
Michelle Boateng

Senior Consultant

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Human Development

Hometown: Ghana but live in the Bronx, New York 

Why are you working as a senior consultant? I am working as a senior consultant to connect with others and improve in my speaking skills.

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit if they need help with a presentation or need some writing tips for presenting.

Public speaking advice: Connecting with the audience - making the audience feel included in the speech can keep the group engaged and help them connect with the information you are presenting. Make sure you are making eye contact with the audience and ask questions to encourage input from them.

Olivia Taverni headshot
Olivia Taverni, senior consultant
Olivia Taverni

Senior Consultant

Year: Sophomore

Major(s)/minor(s): Art History, with a minor in Studio Arts (Drawing)

Hometown: Queens, New York

Why are you working as a senior consultant? I want to help others feel confident about their public speaking skills.

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? Students should visit the Speaking Center for useful advice on public speaking and presentions from students just like you!

Public speaking advice: Eye contact is crucial to keep an audience engaged while you speak to them.

Samuel Ehrlinger headshot
Samuel Ehrlinger, program assistant
Samuel Ehrlinger

Program Assistant

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): History and Philosophy double major with a minor in Education

Hometown:  Farmington, New York

Why are you working as a program assistant? Public speaking is something that I have had many opportunities to improve upon. I believe that the best way to improve is to give presentations, and that many classes to not give opportunities to do so. The Speaking Center provides one with many opportunities to do this. I hope to continue to assist students in improving while focusing more of my attention to outreach and make the great services that the speaking center offers known to more people around campus. 

Why should students visit the Speaking Center? The Speaking Center provides a wonderful opportunity to get feedback on how to improve a presentation that you have to give. Not only that, though; the Speaking Center gives plenty of advice to improve your presentation skills at large. If you plan to go into a career that involves presenting or communication (and all careers do to some degree), a visit to the Speaking Center is a must. 

Public speaking advice: The best advice I could give is to incorporate humor into your presentation. Humor is a wonderful tool that can add so much to a presentation, and I find it unfortunate it is not utilized more.