Success Coaching

Success Coaches support student learning

Peer and professional Success Coaches support undergraduate student learning through personalized one-on-one coaching appointments, weekly supportive accountability groups, workshops and access to virtual resources. They are trained to identify potential barriers to academic success and collaboratively create strengths-based tailored interventions for students regarding topics like:

  • effective goal setting
  • time and task management
  • study strategies  
  • organization
  • productivity 

In addition to these focus areas, the Success Coaching staff also works closely with campus partners to serve as a source of direct referrals to all student services. If they are not able to assist with a particular challenge, they connect students with the best qualified campus partner to address the situation.

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 One-on-One Success Coaching appointments

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Supportive Accountability Listserv

By joining this email list during the fall and spring semesters you will receive a weekly message as a kind reminder to check in with your goals and/or plan for the week ahead. Each email will include a prompt and success related quote intended for your own independent reflection.  Interested in joining? Please complete this form  to enroll in our weekly supportive accountability listserv messages.
*messages will begin once again at the start of the Fall 2021 term