Success Coaching

Success Coaches support student learning

Peer and professional Success Coaches support undergraduate student learning through personalized one-on-one coaching appointments, weekly supportive accountability groups, workshops and access to virtual resources. They are trained to identify potential barriers to academic success and collaboratively construct a tailored success plan for each student. Success plans are meant to be worked through in one semester and include topics such as:

  • effective goal setting
  • time management
  • study strategies  
  • organization
  • productivity management

In addition to these focus areas, the Success Coaching staff also works closely with campus partners to serve as a source of direct referrals to all student services. If they are not able to assist with a particular challenge, they connect students with the best qualified campus partner to address the situation.

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 One-on-One Success Coaching appointments

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 Weekly Student Success Groups 

Our [virtual] Weekly Student Success Groups provide an opportunity to build community within the framework of supportive accountability. The group setting focuses on guiding participants to identify solutions that support their unique needs to complete consistent work. Those needs may include use of time, keeping organized, and goal setting. The group provides a structured, weekly time that the participant will set aside to sign in to the virtual meeting, begin with a reflection prompt on their behaviors and progress towards their goals, and learn from their peers' experiences. The group setting allows the participants to collectively celebrate weekly successes, while providing the support necessary to pivot and re-frame goals when needed. Open to all undergraduate students. 

Spring 2021 Student Success Group details will be posted in January!

Supportive Accountability Listserv

We recognize that our Weekly Student Success Group meetings may not fit in your schedule or that meeting with a group may feel intimidating at first. By joining this email list you will receive a weekly message as a kind reminder to check in with your goals and/or plan for the week ahead. Each email will include a prompt and success related quote intended for your own independent reflection.  Interested in joining? Please complete this form  to enroll in our weekly supportive accountability listserv messages.

*No messages will be sent between December 9 and January 29; they will resume February 1.