For any Admissions related questions, such as application, status and materials, visit Binghamton University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Does my GPA transfer to Binghamton?

No. Grades from any previous institution(s) are recorded for your student record, but will not count toward your Binghamton GPA. However, you can use your resume to reflect a cumulative GPA from your previous institution to best reflect your full abilities.

Am I eligible for financial aid as a transfer student?

Yes. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding financial aid, scholarships or any inquiries regarding finances.

Will my credits transfer?

After you are admitted to Binghamton, you'll receive a preliminary credit evaluation. Visit the admissions section to see how your coursework credits might transfer. 

Are there orientations for transfers?

Yes. Orientation sessions for transfer students include time to find out more about the university, campus services, meeting with academic advising and course registration. Registration for the fall semester opens in the beginning of May and in December for the spring semester. 

As a transfer, can I pledge to a fraternity or sorority?

Yes, however the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life requires a minimum of 12 credits from another accredited college or university prior to enrollment.

Can transfers study abroad?

Through the Office of International Education & Global Initiatives you are able to study abroad after your first semester at Binghamton.

What are some clubs on campus that are available for transfers?

Transfers can be a part of any club on campus; however, there are transfer-specific organizations.