Personal Vehicle Usage

Personal Vehicle Liability

For personnel authorized to use their personal vehicle on official state business, the following conditions apply.

  • There is no state coverage for:
    • uninsured/underinsured motorists
    • personal injury protection
    • medical payments
  • These coverages must be provided through your own personal policy.
  • Workers' Compensation coverage is provided as if you were using a state owned vehicle on state business.
  • Comprehensive and collision losses to the personal vehicle are not covered by the state.
  • Liability to other persons, including your passengers, must be covered by your own personal auto policy. If the suit is for more than the coverage, the employee must request Public Officers Law Section 17 coverage from the Attorney General in writing within five days of the notification of the suit. If the employee was acting in the course of employment and the act was not malicious or intentional, the Attorney General may grant defense and indemnification for any award made.

If you use your personal vehicle on a regular basis on state business you should contact your insurance agent to ensure you are properly covered.

If opting to use your personally owned vehicle when a rental vehicle is available, reimbursement will be the lesser of the rental vehicle rate or Personal Car Mileage rate.

Here’s a link to the NYS Office of General Services’ trip calculators  These calculators should be used when personal car mileage is being claimed in lieu of renting. If a rental vehicle is less expensive and personally owned vehicle is used, reimbursement will only be at the rental vehicle rate. Using any car class other than compact or standard will need to be justified.

Non-Livery and Non-Taxi Drivers For Hire

The University will not reimburse or pay for non-livery and non-taxi drivers hired to drive employee's personal vehicle. Note of caution: if you hire a non-livery and non-taxi driver, and the driver uses his personal vehicle, the driver is required to have commercial insurance.

Mileage Rates

The IRS regularly issues and updates mileage rates.