Binghamton University is a crosstown participant of Cornell University's ROTC program.  Use the following links to obtain information regarding or get answers to questions about ROTC.


Binghamton students participate in Army ROTC through a partnership with the program at Cornell University.  Students are primarily required to attend classes at Cornell University on Tuesdays from 12:30-2:30 on Tuesdays (transportation provided but plan an hour travel time each way).  Physical training is done at Binghamton in the morning three days a week.  Students can enroll up to the end their sophomore year.  Scholarships are possible and tuition assistance is available through enlistment in the NYARNG in conjunction with participating in Army ROTC.

Contact Information:

Kevin Swab
Enrollment & Scholarships Manager
Cornell University Army ROTC Program
101 Barton Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Binghamton University ROTC at Cornell University

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC Detachment 520 welcomes students from Binghamton University. Detachment 520 commissions quality officers for the United States Air Force and the United States Space Force. The program, combining traditional undergraduate education with military instruction, aims to develop leaders capable of tackling the nation's emerging challenges. Summer activities are also available, including internships, base visits, flight orientation, and cultural immersion and language training programs. Prospective cadets may participate in the program without incurring a service commitment and scholarships may be available for those who qualify.

Contact Information:

Philipp M. Wittmaack, Capt, USAF
Recruiting Officer
Phone: 607-255-5654

Detachment 520
Phone: 607-255-4004

Binghamton University AFROTC at Cornell University