Interview Practice

Preparing for your admission interview

You communicated your skills, qualifications and motivations in your application to get invited to your interview. Now you must present your case verbally and communicate why you believe you are a qualified candidate for Binghamton's pharmacy school and the profession of pharmacy. 

Before the interview, please make sure you are prepared to answer questions relating to the PharmD program at Binghamton University and the following content areas: 

  • Why Binghamton?/Why the field of Pharmacy?
  • Healthcare or pharmacy work experience
  • Evidence of ethical decision making
  • Evidence of resilience and/or conflict management

Additionally, the entire interview process will evaluate your ability to communicate and engage in conversation with the interviewers. Be sure to dress professionally, whether you are attending in person or remotely. 

The interview process consists of:

  • An introduction from the director of admissions or admissions specialist. 
  • Two 20-minute interviews with School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty and/or staff.
  • A student affairs presentation on services, organizations, student government, student life and housing.
  • A proctored writing sample (10 minutes). You will receive a shared Google Form the day of your interview with a writing prompt at the time of your interview. The simple prompt is designed to help you demonstrate your written communication skills.
  • A meet and greet with a current PharmD student.
  • A Q&A with admissions, next steps and ending remarks. 

For additional information on how to prepare for remote (Zoom) PharmD interviews at Binghamton University, please visit the American Association of College Pharmacy (AACP) Pharmacy School Interview Do’s and Don’t List

If you have any questions regarding the interview process, please contact Director of Admissions Maja Szostak at or 607-777-5834.