Tuition and Fees

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) cost of attendance P1 through P4

Full-time enrollment, minimum 12.0 credit hours per semester 

Estimated tuition and fees

The table represents estimated annual costs for financial aid and budgeting purposes only. For actual semester tuition and fees charges, visit the Student Accounts website.

University charges that will appear on your E-bill
Tuition $26,450.00
Comprehensive fees $2,470.00
Pharmacy liability insurance fee $24.00
Pharmacy course fees (simulation fee, certification fees and CORE ELMS e-portfolio) $414.00
Pharmacy NAPLEX Prep fee ($289 per semester for P3 spring, and P4 fall and spring semesters) $867.00
Additional professional and academic costs not covered by tuition and fees
Annual criminal background check (completed via CertiPhi) $150.00
Annual drug screening (completed via CertiPhi) $35.00
Annual immunizations not covered under health insurance $50.00
Medical kit (one-time expense) including blood pressure cuff $100.00
Textbooks $400.00
Computer $300.00 (up to $1,500.00, depending on computer)
Annual total for New York state residents $31,336.00 
Additional cost for non-New York state residents* $10,690.00
Annual total for non-New York state residents $42,026.00

*As a state university, Binghamton University requires non-New York state students to pay more in tuition because we receive a subsidy from the New York State Legislature that reduces tuition costs for New York state residents. Out-of-state students do not benefit from this subsidy and are therefore expected to pay the full cost of attendance. 

New York state residency

Eligibility for New York state tuition rates is based on residency in New York state. To receive New York state tuition rates, you must show that you have established a New York state domicile that is your permanent and principal home. For more information, go to the residency requirements webpage on the Student Accounts website. Contact Student Accounts directly at 607-777-2702 or if you have questions.

International students needing an F-1 visa must complete the International Student Financial Statement.

Financial aid and scholarships

Visit our financial aid and scholarships webpage for information.