New York State Residency

Campus Determination of Residency

The initial residency determination is made at the student's time of admission. Students with missing and/or conflicting information on their admission application are coded as non-resident, pending verification of their residency status.

Some students who indicate that they are residents of the state on their initial admission application may be asked to complete a residency application to verify their status. Failure to complete this application can result in the student being charged at the non-resident tuition rate.

Establishing New York State Residency for Tuition Billing Purposes

The State University of New York (SUNY) system was established to provide a quality education at a reduced cost to qualified legal residents of New York state.

Classifying a student as a New York State resident versus an out-of-state resident is determined for all students in accordance with  SUNY Policy 7810. Students who are classified as non-residents (out-of-state) can request reclassification and must support their request with documentation.

Students should review the information listed below.