Major Requirements

BA in Philosophy Requirements

You can declare a Philosophy major by completing this form. We strongly suggest that you also find a time to meet with a Philosophy faculty advisor, to review major requirements and opportunities within the major, and to answer any questions.

You can drop a Philosophy major by completing this form.

The Philosophy major’s requirements call for the completion of ten (10) courses in philosophy:

A. One Introductory course:

  • PHIL 101. (Introduction to Philosophy) or
  • PHIL 105. (Introduction to Asian Philosophy) or
  • PHIL 107. (Existence and Freedom)

B. One course in Logic:

  • PHIL 121. (Methods of Reasoning) or
  • PHIL 122. (Elementary Logic);

C. Two courses in the History of Philosophy:

  • PHIL 201. (Plato and Aristotle) and
  • PHIL 202. (Descartes, Hume and Kant)

D. Six Philosophy courses at the advanced level (300-400).
Of these, at least one must be selected from group A and one from group B:

  • Group A (metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind):  PHIL 335 (Philosophy of Psychology), PHIL 431 (Metaphysics), PHIL 433 (Epistemology), PHIL 436 (Philosophy of Mind), PHIL 444 (Philosophy of Social Science), PHIL 445 (Buddhist Metaphysics)
  • Group B (value theory): PHIL 340 (Ethical Theory), PHIL 342 (History of Social and Political Philosophy), PHIL 344 (Buddhist Ethics), PHIL 345 (Philosophy of Law), PHIL 455 (Advanced Philosophy of Law), PHIL 456 (Advanced Topics in Law and Political Theory), PHIL 457 (Advanced Topics in Law and Morality), PHIL 458 (Advanced Topics in Law and History), PHIL 486 (Advanced Topics in Ethics), PHIL 488 (Advanced Topics in Social and Political Philosophy)

E. At least one advanced-level course should have the General Education “C” designation

  • Students may petition to have up to two courses from a related discipline count as fulfilling the advanced-level requirement.
  • When appropriate, students can petition to have a different course count as fulfilling requirements for courses in Group A or B.

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