Lesson Plans

While carrying out our mission to provide community outreach, we have developed many topical lessons for use across many ages and skill levels. Listed below are some of the lessons we have developed. If you would like to share your own we will include it on the site. For books about archaeology for students, see a comprehensive list at http://www.archaeologyincommunity.com/youth-reading-list/.

mock box

Mock Excavations

Students will practice excavation, note-taking skills, and analysis of artifacts and features in stratified soils at a simulated site.

Explore mock excavations lesson plan


Stratigraphy and the Laws of Superposition

Instructor will relate the principals and mechanics of sediment deposition, site dating techniques, the correlation between time and soil levels, and possible site/soil disturbance. In groups of 3 to 5, students will use soil "keys" to match a known date and soil context to soils on the poster. The keys provide a date to apply to different features on the poster. Students will take this information and the concepts learned from the discussion to complete the worksheet.

Explore Stratigraphy and the laws of superposition

Some Objectives Contained in the Lessons

  • Take accurate measurements of observed objects and patterns.
  • Understand the concepts of sediment deposition.
  • Make accurate drawings from direct observation.
  • Take descriptive notes about features and artifacts.
  • Understand how archaeologists use soil levels to learn about the age of a site.