Traveling exhibits

Time and Tradition - A Free Travelling Exhibit Curated by the Public Archaeology Facility

Time and Tradition is a professionally designed educational exhibit that uses a time-line as an organizational device to walk visitors through 15,000 years of Native American history in New York State. The Time and Tradition exhibit can be enjoyed by children, teens, and adults. This exhibit is an educational tool that can supplement existing school curricula in Social Studies, History, Science, and English.

Mobile Exhibit Space

The new traveling exhibit was made possible by a grant from the Binghamton University Academic Program and Faculty Development Fund. The Fund was established from an agreement between the Binghamton University Foundation and campus leaders for the use of an unrestricted gift from an anonymous donor.

We put the grant to use in assembling the following materials as a multifaceted flexible mobile exhibit space:

  • two display kits that include a velcro wall, podium, and lights
  • three banners with department and program logos that will form the background for computer displays;
  • two outdoor banners for display at events, such as active excavation sites, fairs, and community events
  • five Gateway all-in-one computers with 23 inch touch screens that have excellent capabilities for interactive exhibitions
  • three android tablets with a charger for mobile exhibitions, such as walking tours.
  • computer-safe transportation containers
  • computer locks
  • a digital SLR camera/video recorder with tripod
  • miscellaneous accessories, such as an external hard drive for display data storage, USB flash drives, software for developing exhibits, a voice recorder for oral history projects, tables, HDMI cables, cleaning supplies, and acrylic display cases.