Revolutionary War Research Projects

New York State was pivotal to the American Revolution. Major campaigns, such as the Burgoyne Campaign (1777) and the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign (1779), crossed what would become New York State and influenced war's path. The Public Archaeology Facility has conducted historical and archaeological research on Revolutionary War battlefields since 2008. Much of this research has centered on the war's wilderness battles, including the Battles of Newtown, Chemung, Oriskany, and Fort Anne. These battles varied from the common view of Revolutionary War battles- that of large armies fighting in large formations.  Instead, these battles consisted of mostly American militia, Loyalists, and their Native American allies using the terrain to conceal themselves and ambush their enemies.

Follow this link to an interactive story journal explaining the history and archaeology of the American Revolution in New York: The American Revolution on New York's Frontier.

Follow the link for more information on the Battle of Fort Anne (July 7-8, 1777).

For more on the Battle of Fort Anne, you can download this report (~2 mb).  Specific location information has been removed as a way to protect the cultural resources related to the battlefield.