What is a Tutor?

What a Tutor ISN'T:

  • A person who will help you get your homework done.
  • Someone to fill you in on what you missed in classroom lectures.
  • A miracle worker, or someone who can assist you in getting a A with little effort.
  • Someone to edit your papers and tell you what is incorrect.
  • A cheerleader meant to provide you constant reinforcement.
  • A therapist to tell all of your problems to.
  • An expert in their field of study.

What a Tutor IS:

  • A successful academic, especially in terms of specific courses.
  • A person with a passion for learning and helping others.
  • A peer learner who can empathize with students.
  • Someone who constantly questions and challenges tutees.
  • A motivator and confidence builder.
  • Someone who provides feedback and constructive criticism.

What is an Academic Coach?

An academic coach helps students "learn how to learn." They work closely with learners in assessing their learning styles and habits to become independent, self-regulated, successful students. Academic coaches also help learners develop strategies that will help them engage with and learn the material more effectively.

Academic coaches carry out this goal through helping learners with a number of techniques that include, but are not limited to: goal setting, time management, defeating procrastination, note-taking skills, critical reading skills, test preparation, avoiding test anxiety, healthy living, mnemonics, and developing effective learning environments.

Requesting a Tutor or Academic Coach

Request a tutor or academic coach through BSuccessful on the myBinghamton dashbaord. 

Prospective EOP Tutors and Academic Coaches

Tutors and coaches are hired based on a rolling basis that is determined by student demand for certain services, as well as what services we have missing at the EOP Tutorial center. The vast majority of tutors and coaches are hired at the end of the Spring semester when many of our student employees are graduating. If you are interested in becoming an EOP tutor or coach, please see the questions and answers below:

What are the different types of student employment at the EOP Tutorial Center?

The EOP Tutorial Center has a wide variety of employees providing tutoring and coaching services that include:

  • Lead Tutors: Peer tutors with vast experience and credentials in tutoring, particularly tutoring for EOP. Lead tutors have numerous responsibilities in the Tutorial Center that include holding walk-in tutoring hours, as well as mentoring and observing other tutors.
  • Private Tutors: Peer tutors who work one-on-one with students in almost any academic subject. These tutors are by appointment only. 
  • Academic Coaches: Academic coaches work with students to become more proactive, productive and efficient learners.
  • Front Desk Managers: Student employees who perform administrative functions in the tutorial center. 

How do I apply to become a tutor or academic coach?

All available positions at the EOP Tutorial Center can be found via Handshake. If you are having trouble finding any positions, please contact the academic coordinator at rmead@binghamton.edu.

What can I expect from the hiring process?

As noted above, applications are accepted on a rolling basis but there are certain points during the academic year, particularly the end of the spring semester, when applications are more seriously considered. If your application is submitted and reviewed, and you are selected for an interview, you will be notified via email. All applications are kept on file for two semesters.

Who is eligible to apply?

The EOP Tutorial Center hires current Binghamton University graduate and undergraduate students in all disciplines.

How are course assignments determined?

All applicants should have an idea of the courses they prefer to tutor. Prepare your top three preferences before your interview. Course assignments will be determined based on the need of the center. We ask that all tutors be flexible in the courses they tutor.

How many hours can I tutor per week?

The EOP Tutorial Center asks that tutor make themselves available between 6 and 15 hours per week for tutoring. Please note, this does not mean that tutors will be tutoring the hours they make themselves available, only that they are available to tutor during those times.

Will I have the same scheduled hours each week?

Tutors manage their own schedules through BSuccessful where students can request any available appointment times. These schedules need to be approved by the tutorial coordinator.

Where do tutoring and coaching sessions take place?

All tutoring and coaching sessions are to take place at the EOP/SSS Tutorial Center (UU 263) unless otherwise approved.

Am I required to do any type of training to be a tutor or a coach?

Yes. Just because one does well in a certain course doesn't mean they are prepared to tutor that course. The EOP Tutorial Center has training and orientation material specific to the center itself. Furthermore, all tutors and coaches are required to be working towards becoming certified by the College and Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). To become CRLA Level 01 certified one must receive 6-hours in-person training, 4-hours online module training, and have must tutored for 25+ hours.