"Public Archaeology" is emphasized in the work of all PAF staff. Participation in a broad array of community outreach projects provides extensive interaction between archaeologists and lay audiences.

Outreach programs include:

  • Community exhibits on archaeology and hands-on demonstrations. PAF staff have provided small exhibits on local excavations. Exhibits have been provided to community field day organizers, libraries, and municipal buildings. Currently, an eight-panel traveling exhibition on New York State archaeology is available to regional schools and libraries.
  • A new digital interactive exhibition platform allows the presentation of changing displays and touch-screen technology for heritage projects.
  • PAF as a resource for Southern Tier schools. Students make annual field trips to campus to participate in lab tours and hands-on activities with artifacts. We receive annual invitations to speak at Career Days and Daughters to Work Days, and have prepared a colorful handout for these children's activities.
  • PAF and CAP. Due to the strong presence of PAF in the local community, there is great interest in visiting, participating in, and volunteering for archaeological investigations. In 1996, PAF created the Community Archaeology Program (CAP), which is directed by PAF staff and advanced graduate students. CAP provides non-archaeologists with supervised experience on a professional archaeological excavation. Lectures and lab time supplement the field experience. Three programs are offered: one for children (Grades 5 and 6), one for teens (Grades 7-10), and one for adults (16 and older). 
  • PAF is a community resource. Each year, staff and students respond to numerous calls from the public asking for assistance in the identification of artifacts found on their properties and elsewhere. Many individuals come to campus with their finds and assist archaeologists with preparing New York State Site Forms to register the site.
  • To inquire about our outreach programs, please contact Laurie Miroff (