Other Considerations and Resources

Creating a Supportive University - Consider some or all of these suggestions

  • Work with accessibility services as needed
  • Syllabus language should address health and well-being as needed
  • Offer space for students to connect with you and other students as needed
  • Consider the impact of assignment deadlines and content of assignments
    • Self reflective assignments
    • Midnight deadlines
  • Provide grade checkpoints throughout the semester
  • Incorporate wellness activities or life skills into curriculum- if it fits
  • Exam time management training
  • Work collectively across departments
  • Create social connections in class when and where appropriate
  • Share resources at opportune times
  • Avoid stress producing language
    • This exam will make or break
    • This class is designed to “weed out” students from the program
  • Don’t cancel classes
    • Keep students in their routine
    • Consider asking supportive offices such as Health Promotion & Prevention
    • Services, CARE Team, UCC, MSW Reslife Program or DDEI to present information sessions instead.  
  • Create opportune times for faculty to connect and consult on concern and helpful strategies
  • Participate in other professional trainings offered both on and off campus

Additional Resources: