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Available in the Bulletin  (select Psychology Department under Undergraduate Fields of Study by Department) or on the BU Brain - schedule of classes (log in with your PODS username and password, enter BU Brain and Schedule of Classes is on the Home tab page)

Sample Curriculum Plan

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Psychology Seminars offered Spring 2020

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Psychology Electives offered Spring 2020

Click here for the electives offered in Fall 2019 that will fulfill degree requirements for the Psychology major.  

Anticipated schedule for offering Experimental courses and matching labs for
Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Course that are regularly offered EACH SEMESTER
are not included here (for example, PSYC 111, 220, 223, 234, 330, and 344).


 Course Number  Course Title   Scheduled  Begin Time End Time 
 PSYC 128 Social Psychology Fall '20 N/A N/A
 PSYC 350 Exp - Human Memory Fall '20  N/A N/A
 PSYC 351 Exp - Perception Spr '21   N/A  N/A
 PSYC 352 Lab in Perception Spr '21 N/A N/A
 PSYC 355  Lab in Child Behavior BOTH   N/A N/A
 PSYC 356 Exp - Learning Spr '21  N/A N/A
 PSYC 357 Lab in Learning Spr '21  N/A N/A
 PSYC 358 Exp - Cognition Fall '20  N/A N/A
 PSYC 359 Lab in Cognition Fall '20   N/A  N/A
 PSYC 360 Exp - Psychotherapy BOTH  N/A N/A
 PSYC 361 Lab in Psychotherapy BOTH  N/A N/A
 PSYC 362 Exp - Behavioral Neuroscience BOTH  N/A N/A
 PSYC 363 Behavioral Neuroscience Lab  Fall '20 N/A N/A
 PSYC 385 Exp - Psychological Tests  Spr '21  N/A  N/A
 PSYC 476 ASD, Related Disoreders, & ABA Fall '20 N/A N/A

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