Apply to the lab


If you are interested in applying to be a graduate student in the lab, please visit the webpages describing the doctoral program in psychology.


You may submit an application for consideration for the Spring of 2017 and beyond using the form below.

Undergraduate research assistants are essential to our work on relationship science. Students will learn about the science of intimate relationships and about the day-to-day functioning of a psychological laboratory. We are only able to accept a limited number of undergraduate research assistants. So, we ask that you complete the application below.

We select research assistants for the future terms very early. Please e-mail to find out about the deadline for a particular term or if you have any other questions.

If you have questions or concerns about undergraduate research more generally, please visit the Binghamton University Undergraduate Research Center.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Application

How often do you check your email?
Year in School
Grade in statistics?
Grade in Research Methods?
Working in this lab will require dedicating 10 hours to the lab. Will this work for you?
There is a great deal of training involved in getting students to the point where they can run subjects enter, code, and analyze data, therefore we generally ask students to be open to a two semester commitment (the summer may count as a semester). Is this plausible for you?
Will you be available during the Summer?
Will you be available during the Winter session?

Thank you for completing this application. The current graduate and undergraduate students in the lab will review them around the middle of the semester and will invite some applicants to interview. Please e-mail if you have any other questions or concerns.