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Christina Balderrama-Durbin

Associate Professor



Balderrama-Durbin's research broadly includes the assessment and enhancement of couple functioning. The majority of her work is focused on couples who have been exposed to trauma or acute stress. The Couple Adjustment to Stress and Trauma (CAST) lab is focused on evaluating couples who are at high risk for co-morbid psychological and relationship distress following exposure to stress and trauma. The CAST lab evaluates diverse populations with a specific emphasis on marginalized populations as well as military and veteran populations. One of her primary aims is to conduct clinically relevant and culturally sensitive research that evaluates mechanisms of couple adaptation to stress and trauma, and to optimize the systemic benefits of couple-based interventions.


  • PhD, Texas A&M University
  • MS, BS, University of Colorado

Research Interests

  • Co-morbid psychological and intimate relationship distress particularly in response to acute stress and trauma
  • The development implementation and evaluation of couple-based prevention/intervention programs for high-risk populations
  • Couple-based assessment


  • McNair Scholar Faculty Mentor
  • Saul B. Sells Research Excellence Award
  • Clinical Psychology Distinguished Research Award

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