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Meredith E. Coles




Editorial board: Behaviour Research and Therapy, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, Behavior Therapy. Ad hoc reviewer: Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, Cognitive Therapy and Research

Summary of Research

Our research focuses on factors involved in the etiology and maintenance of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety disorders. We have long-standing interests in the etiology of OCD such as potential cognitive vulnerability and progression from symptoms to diagnosis, and factors that contribute to its maintenance.

Much of our recent work has addressed not just right experiences (NJREs), and sleep and circadian disruptions in OCD. We are currently completing a large study testing the role of aesthetic sensitivity in NJREs, and conducting several studies examining cognitive biases related to NJRES and how to address NJREs in treatment. We also have several papers showing the impact of sleep and circadian disruption on OCD, suggesting that comorbid sleep disruption may be related to worse outcomes. Within this work, we are also examining the broader constructs of repetitive negative thinking along with positive and negative affect.

Our studies use a variety of samples and techniques, including experimental designs with E-prime, EEG and eye-tracking, and we are about to begin using fMRI. We are looking for other scientists passionate about understanding OCD, and we welcome individuals with shared interests or new perspectives on the disorder.

Meredith Coles is also director of the Binghamton Anxiety Clinic (BAC), an anxiety specialty clinic devoted to treatment, research and training. The BAC was established in 2004 and serves members of the greater Binghamton community.

The BAC provides comprehensive anxiety assessments and individual cognitive-behavioral therapy for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and social phobia.


  • PhD, MA, Temple University
  • BA, Dickinson College

Research Interests

  • Nature and treatment of OCD and social phobia in adults and children
  • Factors involved in the etiology and maintenance of OCD
  • Role of sleep and circadian rhythms in OCD


  • State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarly Work
  • Selected as a Fellow in the Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies
  • Selected as a Fellow in the Association for Psychological Science

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae