patent policy royalty distribution


Binghamton University complies with the State University of New York Patents, Inventions and Copyright Policy (the “Policy”). To read the full Policy, click here.


The SUNY Policy provides for sharing between the inventor and the University of net royalty income from the licensing of inventions. The policy calls for 45% of the first $100,000 in cumulative net income to be provided to the inventor as personal income, with the percentage becoming 40% thereafter. The remaining net royalties are returned to the President for distribution with the campus on the following basis:

40% of the campus portion of the first $100,000 in net royalty in any given year goes to the inventor's department. Annual net royalty in excess of $100,000 will be made in favor of the President. For the College of Community and Public Affairs, the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the School of Management, the department allotment goes to the dean. For non-academic units, the allotment will go to the appropriate vice president. If a faculty member is associated with an organized research center, half of this allotment shall go to that center.

35% goes to the Vice President for Research to support research and scholarly activities.

25% of the campus portion goes to the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships in the Division of Research to cover technology transfer activities.

If there are multiple inventors and departments, then the amounts will apply to the combined shares of the recipients. Distribution will be determined by prior agreement as delineated in the new technology disclosure or as equal shares. 

Copyrighted Works

The ownership of copyrights in works created by university authors will be determined in line with U.S. Copyright Law, SUNY Policy, and campus guidelines.  Please see Binghamton Policy #703, and the Faculty-Staff Handbook  Section XIII.A. which references a Copyright Disclosure and Agreement Form, fillable PDF available here.

See also the applicable section of the Faculty-Staff Handbook.