supplemental funding

Supplements are mechanisms to continue a sponsored project with more time and money awarded. A supplemental proposal may result from increased costs due to modifications in design or a desire to add a closely related component to the ongoing project.

Principal Investigators (PIs) with existing National Science Foundation or National Institutes of Health-funded projects may request supplemental funding from these organizations

NSF Supplemental Funding

Supplements can be made under an existing NSF award or within a proposal for a new or renewal NSF award. Interested PIs should consult with the Program Director of their particular NSF award to investigate the potential for the following supplements:

NIH Supplemental Funding

Administrative supplemental funds are available to cover costs unanticipated at the time of application submission (e.g., failure of essential equipment, increased costs of analyses). The requested supplement budget cannot exceed $150,000 in direct costs, must be completed within the approved project period of the parent award, and stay within the original approved scope of the parent award. PIs are encouraged to discuss eligibility for administrative supplemental funds with their NIH program officer.