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Telehealth365 OmniPresence™ connects patients with clinical healthcare providers anywhere around the world. Our mission is to provide healthcare anytime, anywhere so that patients can receive the treatment they need and get well sooner. We provide affordable, innovative and secure video conferencing for the patient-physician encounter.
The video uses the latest technology and provides clear high definition images. We provide a total solution for the patient-physician encounter, including the sharing of health information between primary care physicians and specialists.


TeleHealth365 OmniCare™ gives physicians health data regarding their patients. We believe that by empowering people to monitor their health with the next generation of smart wearable devices, they can provide healthcare workers with "Intelligent" data in real time. Omnicare improves people's wellness and lowers the cost of health care. When people monitor their conditions at home, they are more vigilant about their health and more willing to follow their physician's and health coach's recommendations.

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Amit Sharma
P: (607) 725-8588

Last Updated: 5/16/18