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Tibah is an interactive text chatbot that is geared towards promoting health and fitness. It utilizes proven habit-forming techniques that guide the users to feel a sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Tibah messages the users throughout the day to make sure they have reached their goal. Tibah is a bot that was made to communicate with users on a more personal level as their own virtual fitness buddy. We make choices everyday: eat healthy, or unhealthy, go to the gym, or avoid the gym. Sometimes, we don't realize the consequences of the choices we make. Tibah is there to make you conscious of your decisions.



How 'Tibah' could win two BU students $100K - March 21, 2017

Two Binghamton University students have developed a texting service to help personal trainers keep track of their clients workout habits.

Its called "Tibah" and the service has been so successful, David Axelrod and co-founder Mauricio Morales  were selected as one of 25 companies competing for $100,000 through a competition called EFest.


5 Binghamton University Entrepreneurs You Need to Know

Binghamton University Blog - February 22, 2017

Mauricio Morales, a senior in political science and government, initiated an interactive platform called Tibah that allows fitness trainers to easily keep track of their clients' health and fitness goals. Tibah uses natural language to interact with clients as if they were speaking with the trainer themselves. Trainers can monitor users' interactions with Tibah and add their own input to conversations at any time. Tibah messages users through their regular messaging app and trainers can log into the platform through the web via any device they choose.



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Last Updated: 11/1/17