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Volunhere is a platform that connects exceptional students with local volunteering opportunities. Whether completing hours for graduation requirements or simply wanting to make an impact, students can use Volunhere to manage timesheets, discover events, and track their experiences with ease! Schools and organizations will love the ability to easily manage and schedule events, and gain key metrics on the impact being made. Social good comes from the community level, and Volunhere is striving to make volunteering easier than ever!


In The News:

Winners of the November 2015 Idea Pitch!


Simeon Videnov and Gabriel Ochoa pitched their idea of "Volunhere" at the November 2015 Idea Pitch.  Volunhere was one of the three teams that won the Idea Pitch competition taking home $500.00! 


Updates From the Field - 10/22/15

Simeon Videnov and Gabriel Ochoa are setting out to make volunteering more accessible to the masses. And true to their natures, these computer science and mathematics students are trying to do it through designing a piece of software they're calling Volunhere.

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Last Updated: 11/1/17