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Past Events, Fall 2015

DECEMBER 17, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

While Christmas music played softly in the background the start-up companies met for this month's mixer.

This event started with a showcase of the Start-Up of the Month, Charge CCCV, which has made incremental improvements to the life-span of the lithium-ion battery. The company hopes to have a battery, created completely in New York State, within the next few years.

Laura Holmes, the Program Associate for the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, announced that start-up companies can use the Emerging Technology Studio (ETS) which is on the Binghamton University Campus. The ETS contains 16 3D printers of varying abilities.

Matt Gill the co-founder of Enhanced VR, a company which aims to expand the possibilities of virtual reality, gave a short presentation on his company. The company currently resides in the B-Innovative student incubator space in Old Rafuse, and has designed a 2D freedom simulator to showcase their business.

The mixer ended with the attendants splitting into teams for entrepreneurship themed trivia. The highest scoring teams won Binghamton University gift items.


DECEMBER 11, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

Putting the reality into virtual reality is the goal of Enhance V.R.
The group was given the chance to showcase its technology at the first B-Innovative open house. The open house was meant to get the word out about the student incubator on campus said Laura Holmes, Program Associate of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships. B-Innovative is Binghamton University's student incubator that guides students through an entrepreneurial experience. This program offers 24-7 access to the co-working space, availability to network with other student entrepreneurs, funding opportunities and support and guidance from the Entrepreneurs in Residence as well as the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships.

The B-Innovative incubator space is open 24/7 in Old Rafuse rooms 134-13 and caters to student entrepreneurs—such as Enhance V.R. (EVR)

Strapped into the 2D freedom simulator, Nick Villa, the test subject for EVR said you feel the acceleration as well as the turning motions in conjunction with the motions on the Oculus headset. Matt Gill, the head of EVR, said that while they are currently involved with video games the company's future will head in a different direction, such as the use of drones with virtual reality to aid the military or firefighters.

If you want to become part of the B-Innovative team, contact the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships at



DECEMBER 7, 2015

Dec Idea Pitch

Written by Travis Clines

The power to choose one of the winner's of December's Idea Pitch was given to the students this time.

The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships (EIP) held their monthly event in Lecture Hall 9 on Monday December 7. In contrast to last month's Idea Pitch the students were given score cards with which to vote, said Kenneth McLeod, the Entrepreneur in Residence. For the pitch that the judges decide wins there is a 500$ prize, the pitch that students vote for wins 250$. The idea came about through collaboration with Phi Chi Theta, a co-ed professional business fraternity at Binghamton University with a new focus on entrepreneurship said Laura Holmes the Program Associate for EIP.

The students were given five minutes to pitch their ideas followed by ten minutes of questions from the judges, the floor was then opened up to the approximately 40 students in attendance to ask questions.

Instead of throwing away your plates after a party, GreenSheets allows you to throw out a biodegradable film that is placed over a plate said Taimur Hamid and Daniel Mogel. The product would completely decompose, the duo likened it to an "environmentally friendly Saran-Wrap." Hamid and Mogel said that beyond creating a product their company would also contribute to the environmentally-friendly movement by donating a part of their profits to efforts to clean up the ocean.

From injury to idea Joseph Cardozo said his idea, Smart Cast, would be a flexible alternative to traditional casts. The cast would be made using a 3D printer from scans of the injured area. The uniqueness of his product, Cardozo said, would come from the "patient-specific and low cost product due to 3D printing."

The self-described Amazon of knowledge, KnowMark plans to take the knowledge from all of society and sell it. The pitch, given by Zezhong Zhang, Anirudh Chauhan and Xian Wu, included an image of the proposed website. The site would allow customers to view a certain amounts of videos to decide if the knowledge the seller provides is helpful. The trio added the knowledge contained on the platform would not be limited to any specific field.

Taking the stress out of college move-in day Ivy League Dorm Design allows students to customize their dorms in one day. Lori Valentino and Sianna Simon said their company would start off by targeting the Ivy Leagues and then expand from there. A mock-up of their proposed options gave students the ability to choose their room at their university and then choose a pre-packaged plan. Some of the proposed plans included packages for a sports fan, an outdoors fan and one that would allow customization.

The winner of this month's Idea Pitch was Ivy League Dorm Design. GreenSheets won both the Students Choice Award as well as Best Presentation.

NOVEMBER 20, 2015
Photo by Neil Seejor

Idea Pitch

Written by Travis Clines

This Thursday, the office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships (EIP) held their November Idea Pitch (IP).

The event allowed five teams, chosen from the applications received, to pitch their ideas for a company to a panel of three judges. The ideas ranged from an online platform where students could communicate between classmates to customizable stencils for Henna. The teams were each given five minutes to pitch their idea. It was then followed by a question and answer section with the judges.

The first pitch was by Joseph Cardozo, who was pitching Let's Think, a platform that would allow students to efficiently communicate to other students in the same class. One of the questions the judges had was when it came to monetizing the product. Cardozo said that the platform would not have to be paid for by students, but would instead be paid for through advertisements.

The second pitch, done by David Axelrod, was on an idea called Loom, a virtual reality platform that would allow users to learn a language (currently Spanish) by being immersed in a world and then having to complete mini-games. The judges were curious about the possible future expansion of the idea, to which Axelrod said that it could be expanded to other languages as well as to other subjects such as physics.

The third pitch was given by Aaron Jiji and Andrew Brick. The idea, called NeighborFood, is a mobile app that would allow chefs to share their food with customers, while allowing customers to purchase the food. The judges were concerned with the logistics, such as how the food would get to the customers as well as if there was a need for an app at this stage when it could be done using a phone service.

The fourth pitch, given by Simeon Videnov, was about Volunhere. This platform would allow students to be connected with local volunteering projects, as well as serving as a way for schools to monitor progress regarding hours of service for clubs and organizations. The judges also asked if there was a need for an app to be developed at this time when it could be attempted on a trial basis using a Facebook group.

The fifth and final pitch was delivered by Peter Mattar. His idea was Infinity Henna, a customizable stencil for Henna that would allow even novices to apply Henna with ease. The judges were interested in the business model of the idea, asking if they would also sell the Henna paint as well, to which Mattar said they would and that it would be the bulk of their sales.

The judges declared the winner to be not one idea but instead three ideas. The first place winner and winner of 1,000 dollars was NeighborFood. First place was followed by a second place tie, with both ideas winning 500 dollars. The tie was between Volunhere and Loom.


The next Idea Pitch will take place on December 7.

(Applications are due by November 30 and can gained by emailing
NOVEMBER 18, 2015
Photos by Neil Seejor
Written by Travis Clines

Our office co-sponsored an event for a new organization, the Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA), held its inaugural Global Trade and Investment Forum on Wednesday November 18th .

The event was the first event held by the new organization, which began earlier this year said Elena Iankova the director of CIBA. The organization promotes internationalization in the local community.

Iankova said CIBA has three partners, the School of Management at Binghamton University (BU), the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at BU and the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships.

The distinguished speaker at the event was Erin Cole, the Senior Vice President at Global New York of Empire State Development who spoke about Global New York and the opportunities available through the program to New York businesses. She said the mission of Global New York is "to help New York State companies export their products and services to attract more foreign direct investment across the state."

The program ended with a talk given by Harvey Stenger, President of Binghamton University discussing the role that higher education can have in helping New York businesses and the local economy.

NOVEMBER 17, 2015
Photos by Neil Seejor
Click Care 11-15 11-15 Mixer
Written by Travis Clines
The monthly Start-Up Mixer was held on on Tuesday, November 17th.

The event allowed start-up companies affiliated with the EIP office to network and discuss common challenges said Kenneth McLeod, Entrepreneur in Residence. It is not unusual for one start-up to be having the same issues as another McLeod said.

The meeting began with a presentation by Student Business Cards, a company that student business cards using the resume of the student. Nate Sprague, the founder of the company said at this moment he is trying to streamline the online process of card ordering.

ClickCare, founded by Larry and Cheryl Kerr, allows healthcare professionals to collaborate with other healthcare professionals Larry Kerr said the mixer allows him to see what other start-up companies are doing.

The meeting wrapped up with short talks from the October and November Idea Pitch winners. Scott Benson, the October winner said his idea, Study Clash, is a way to turn studying into games. Through both the website and the mobile application students can upload their notes to turn them into multiple choice style questions.

The December Start-Up Mixer will be held on December 17.



NOVEMBER 3, 2015

Local organizations participated in the Agricultural Resource Expo. This years focus was on the Food, Beverage and Agricultural industry. 


NOVEMBER 5, 2015


Photos by Neil Seejor

The Southern Tier Region has positioned itself as a Smart Energy leader in New York State. Topics for this event included combined heat and power (CHP) systems highlighting micro combined heat and power systems (mCHP). Guest speakers included Herbert Dwyer of ASI Energy and Ed Arzouian of Bates Troy Inc.

OCTOBER 23, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

On Friday, October 23, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) met in the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) for their fall district meeting.

The meeting included district eight and eleven, whose member school districts include Vestal, Corning, Windsor and Unatego, said Ryan Alo, a district eight board of trustee's member. FBLA teaches students how to be leaders in the business world, Alo said, as well as how to grow themselves as they progress throughout their career.

The event, which was sponsored by the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, was split into three different seminars.

The competitive aspect of FBLA was covered by Diane Masters, a district eleven board of trustee's member. Masters said it is important for students to know what events will be at the competitions, since they know what they are good at and what will best suit their skills. She also went over the various team and individual events such as 3D animation, website design and E-business.

Stephen Fernandez, an employee at Modern Marketing Concepts Inc., focused on what it means to be a business professional. Throughout his presentation he stressed the importance of social media, such as LinkedIn, as a way to build your brand. Fernandez said employers look at social media accounts when hiring employees.

Dayne Feehan, a Binghamton University student and former FBLA member, focused his seminar on the aspects of leadership. During his talk, he and the students discussed the qualities of effective/ineffective leaders. Feehan also discussed a Strength Weakness Opportunities Strength (SWOT) chart. The SWOT is used to analyze those qualities, allowing someone to be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

This meeting sets the tone for the year, Alo said. Adding that he hopes to grow district eight, in preparation for the 2018 statewide leadership conference, which will, for the first time, be held in Binghamton.


OCTOBER 21, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

On Wednesday, October 21, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships (OEIP), held their first monthly Start-up Suite mixer at the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC).

The meeting allowed member companies to present themselves, said Per Stromhaug, assistant vice president of the OEIP. It also provided the companies an opportunity to network and learn from each other.

The mixer started with each company giving a short presentation about themselves and their company. The companies that presented were Hites Energy Storage, Lightspin Technologies, ChromoNanoTech, Sonostics, GyroHeat Teachnologies, Dean's List Productions, BioElectronics and VehWare.

Jamie Williams, CEO of RxRefund, a web portal that allows pharmacies to manage their expired returns, said this event allows him to meet other people and companies. Williams said meeting people who have similar issues helps him to find solutions.

The ability to learn from other companies, Chuck Schwerin, COO of Sonostics, a company that provides non-invasive treatments to health conditions located in the lower limbs, said that is why he came to the mixer. Schwerin said that their company is in a very good place with the technology of their product. But when it comes to marketing, it is a different set of challenges and meetings like this help.

Stromhaug said the mixers, which occur monthly, will include networking, company presentations, as well as discussing topics such as intellectual property, marketing, sales and other issues that start-ups typically struggle with.


October 20, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

On Tuesday, October 20, the Southern Tier Showcase was held in the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC).

The event was initiated by Cornell University's Center for Materials Research, and done in conjunction with Binghamton University's Center of Excellence. It allowed local start-ups to look into the resources available to them said Per Stromhaug, assistant vice president of the office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships (EIP).

Stromhaug said the event was attended by companies and offices with programs designed to help start-ups succeed. One of the offices in attendance was the EIP, which aims to move research performed at Binghamton University into the market. Also present was the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR), a program through the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University, which aims to strengthen small and medium sized businesses by helping them apply technology solutions to increase their competitiveness.

OCTOBER 16, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

A group of professors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors met on Friday for an information session regarding NEXUS-NY, a NYSERDA backed seed accelerator focusing on clean energy technology.

The event was organized by the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Partnerships.

Doug Buerkle, the executive director of NEXUS-NY, said the program is geared towards helping technologists, including university scientists and engineers, explore whether their inventions translate into products or services in the market. The program provides a structured and rigorous approach, Buerkle said, to engage prospective customers, vet the product market, de-risk or re-design the technology and design a business model.

The program also offers teams the opportunity to determine the best path forward and whether the team members singly or collectively are well-positioned to meet the associated challenges he said.

Companies that are accepted into the program (applications for the third cohort are available here) will receive mentoring, financing and in-kind resources to undertake, for example, prototyping, proofs of concept, and intellectual property landscaping, Buerkle said. NEXUS-NY is a great proving and training ground for start-up teams, he said, adding he hopes more technology innovators will be interested in being part of an entrepreneurial venture to launch companies in New York State.

Find out more about NEXUS-NY.

OCTOBER 15, 2015
Written by Travis Clines

On Thursday, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships (OEIP), hosted the Binghamton & Southern Tier NY Business Community monthly meeting. The purpose of this group is business to business networking, along with a learning/workshop component. The group is comprised of business owners that all have a vested interest in reviving the Southern Tier's economy.

This month's meeting included an opportunity for five of Binghamton University's incubator businesses to pitch their company to members. The companies that pitched to the group were Callsign Inc, RxRefund, LocallyU, Vehware and Lightspin Technologies, Inc.

Peter Gierlach and Max Slocum, Binghamton University students and co-founders of LocallyU, a website that shows consumers the best options for locally owned businesses, said events like this allow them to gain advice as well as meet other business people and learn from them.

For Robert Stout that is the very purpose of these events. Stout, the Vice President of North American Operations for Callsign Inc., a Start Up NY company that allows users a safer way to access their online accounts, said it is a way to familiarize themselves with the businesses of the area. He added, this event as well as groups like BSTBC, are a great way for businesses to learn from each other.

"The way that you get other companies to be successful," Stout said, "is to have groups like this where there can be a sharing of knowledge."

OCTOBER 5, 2015


Scott Benson was the winner at the October Idea Pitch! Scott went home with $1,000.00 to make his idea come to life!  If you like Trivia Crack, your gonna LOVE "Study Clash". An app that gamifies studying. 


OCTOBER 5, 2015

The Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA) at Binghamton University and Empire State Development Corporation held A China Trade and Investment Forum with guest speakers Edward Kowalewski and Matthew Koon.  

The next CIBA event will be held on November 18th, 2015 discussing Inaugural Global Trade and Investment.  For more information and to register click here.

OCTOBER 1, 2015

UVANY was at Binghamton University's Center of Excellence on October 1, 2015. Indiegogo, the world's largest crowdfunding platform discussed the basics of crowdfunding; what makes an effective campaign; provide case examples and discuss how startups and other organizations can raise seed money through crowdfunding. Several start-up companies gave brief presentations. For more information about UVANY visit

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