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Over 40 students and community members spent April 15 and 16 hard at work during our first ever Hardware Hackathon at Binghamton University.

The 10 teams that participated created inventions including a dog food dispenser, which won first place and is controlled by an app, to a rover that could differentiate colors, a rice cooker controlled by an app and an open parking spot identification system.

Over 725 dollars worth of prizes were awarded to the teams. Throughout the event, visitors, including President Harvey Stenger and a faculty member from Cornell, walked through to see the teams progress.

The event would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors, the judges Steve Medwin, Director of Systems and Advanced Engineering at The Raymond Corporation; Guy Cortesi, Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at SUNY Albany; Eric Adler, Vice President and Co-Founder of Triple Cities Makerspace and the staff at the Emerging Technologies Studio.

If you are interested in participating in next year’s event please contact us at

Article by Travis Clines
2016 Winners

Judges Choice - $200.00 - Team Rocco

Student Choice - $200.00 - Team Rocco

Most Technical - $200.00 - Team Schroeder



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Last Updated: 10/31/17