Roommates and Friends

We make every effort to accommodate roommate requests but with space requirements and limitations, it is not always possible. What we do make possible is connecting you with multiple opportunities to meet and make your new best friend(s).

The Roommate Matching Process

With both our new and returning student housing processes, you'll have the chance to request or be matched with a roommate. If you're looking for a roommate, you'll be able to fill out a personal profile and questionnaire that will tell your story, likes and dislikes. This will allow anyone searching to find qualities that match with your own. If you have a roommate, suite-mate(s) and/or apartment-mate(s) in mind, you'll be able to request them during group formation if your housing process allows that. Our housing information page has instructions and videos that will walk you through just how everything works. 

You have the option to sign into a room without a roommate. This often works out better than moving in with someone you already know or trying to match online. Rather than finding someone exactly like you, take a chance on finding someone with a different perspective who can introduce you to new things and more friends.

Friending Opportunities

Some things to look for as you're looking for connections:

B-Welcome. Attend your orientation. It's a great time to meet new people. Everyone here is looking to meet new friends so it's the perfect place to start conversations. Don't miss the Late Nite Orientation events, they're the most popular on the schedule. If you miss orientation, we have B-Welcome events geared just for you. Check our web page for fun events, activities and tours.

Find your fit. Binghamton has over 300 student groups, clubs, fraternities and sororities. Whatever your interest, we have something for you and lots of new things to try out. Find all the possibilities on our new B-Engaged webpage.

Be involved. Every one of our communities has multiple opportunities to socialize, get involved in student government and participate in traditions. Your community staff is your best guide to what/where/when.

Be open... to new ideas, new experiences, new people. These four years are some of the most transformative of your lives, so make the most of them!