Binghamton University Acres is an on-campus compost and gardening demonstration project. Acres hosts hundreds of students at volunteer workdays and also runs an academic internship program.  

This group is devoted to creating educational opportunities that develop a deeper awareness of the connections between our food system and ecological and social environments while serving as a model for creating alternative food production systems.

 Acres Projects:

  • Edible Forest Garden
  • Fruit and Vegetable Garden
  • Compost Demonstration

Contact Acres

Sean Cummings |
Cummings is the manager of Binghamton University Acres Farm and one of the founders of Binghamton Urban Farm in downtown Binghamton. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Binghamton University. He works with students and other members of the campus community to plan and manage the Acres growing season. Cummings also teaches classes on sustainable agriculture and manages a draft-powered vegetable farm in Marathon, N.Y.