Binghamton Auxiliary Services Corporation

The Binghamton Auxiliary Services Corporation (BASC), established in 2014, is a non-profit, separately organized 501(c)(3) legal entity. It was formed to support student success and the educational mission of Binghamton University by devising ways and means of leveraging resources to create superior services and complimentary revenue generating opportunities. As a function of Auxiliary Services, it ensures that the complex network of auxiliary units are functioning successfully, showing growth and are self-sustaining with the goal of meeting or exceeding revenue and university contribution targets.

The relationship between BASC and the University is growing. The BASC, by definition, is self-supporting and has an Operating Agreement with the SUNY system outlining the functions and responsibilities to the University. Once approved by the BASC Board of Directors each spring, the annual budget and program offerings are approved by the University's President to ensure compliance with SUNY system and campus policies.

BASC's business activities are conducted under the guidance of a Board of Directors, and work cooperatively with University administrators and the SUNY system office to integrate auxiliary operations with the campus community. BASC activities are subject to New York corporate law, the Education Code and SUNY policies, among others.

In addition to providing financial resources, contributions made by BASC to the University include enhanced budgetary flexibility, management of risk and exposure, shield for the University against liability, and increased investment opportunities.

At present, the portfolio of BASC includes campus banking services, the micro-fridge and commencement photo contracts.

2020–2021 Board of Directors

  • President: Jesse Wheeler '96, Davidson & Fox Company, Partner
  • Vice President: Tara Lerman, Residential Community Representative
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Cornelia Mead, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs Administration
  • Brian Rose, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Darcy Fauci, Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Heather Parks, Head of Preservation, Libraries
  • Khaleel James, President, Student Association
  • Rachel Turner, Assistant Librarian for Cataloging, University Libraries
  • Vrushab Sakpal, President of Graduate Student Organization
  • Deanne Ellison, Executive Director, Binghamton Auxiliary Services Corporation (non-voting)
  • Janice Bennett, Student Affairs, acting as staff to the Board (non-voting)

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