Consultant Interns
Senior Consultants
Meet the Fall '22 Consultant Team!

Consultant Interns

The Speaking Center recruits and trains selected undergraduate students to serve as peer consultants in the Center every fall and spring semester. Consultants hold regular office hours staffing the Speaking Center and take part in a weekly seminar class on public speaking, communication skills development, facilitation and consulting.

Speaking Center consultants receive academic internship credit for their time commitment.

Apply to be a Consultant!

APPLICATIONS for spring '23 Speaking Center Consultants will be available during the second half of the fall semester

Details and a link to the application are posted on the "Internship Opportunity" tab of this webpage.  We welcome inquiries about the position!  Talk with a current consultant or send an email if you have any questions. 

Senior Consultants

Senior Consultants are undergraduates who serve in a variety of roles that incorporate oral communication skills development. They support first-semester consultants and help staff the Speaking Center while also providing outreach to the campus community. When available, senior consultants facilitate workshops about oral communication and presentation skills to a variety of audiences including student organizations, student leader groups, classrooms and others.

The Speaking Center senior consultants have all served at least one semester as a consultant and have successfully completed the Speaking Center consultant seminar.

Meet the Fall 2022 Speaking Center Consultant Team!

Abner Leung - consultant

Abner L

Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Theatre
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant? I want to share the skills that I have learned through theatre and public speaking to help other students and make public speaking less scary for everyone.
Public Speaking Advice: If you find a strong connection between you and the information you present on, it will not only be more engaging for you, but also your audience can feel that energy. 
Arianna Jerez - Consultant
Arianna J
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Integrative Neuroscience
Hometown:  Valley Stream, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant? I want to be able to form relationships with fellow students and share how, through public speaking, others can gain self-assurance and confidence.
Public Speaking Advice:  It is okay to take a second to collect your thoughts while presenting!
Brynn Nelson -  Senior consultant
brynn n
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Human Development with an anticipated minor in Education and History 
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Why are you working as a Senior Consultant? I loved being a Speaking Center Consultant so much and I wanted to continue to help people at the Speaking Center since it is such a great resource for students.
Public Speaking Advice: Take a deep breath and let your personality shine through!
Daniela Bagan - consultant

daniela b

Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology with a minor in Education
Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California
Why are you working as a Consultant? To expand my horizon of public speaking and no longer fear being the center of attention.
Public Speaking Advice: Try not to worry about a mistake; chances are, the audience doesn’t realize it’s a mistake.
Ethan Blatt - Senior consultant
ethan b
Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Financial Economics
Hometown:  Great Neck, New York
Why are you working as a Senior Consultant? I learned a lot of valuable skills last semester. I've made a lot of friends in the Speaking Center and I'm excited to work with them in the fall.
Public Speaking Advice: Confidence is key. If you speak confidently everything else will fall into place.
Emily Mocyk -  consultant
emily m
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s): Biochemistry, on the Pre-Pharmacy track
Hometown: Jordan, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant? I want to share my public speaking knowledge with others and learn from those who surround me.
Public Speaking Advice: Rehearse your materials and have faith in yourself when it comes time to show what you've worked on!
gabriella debellis - Senior consultant
Year:  Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Business Administration with a minor in Global Studies
Hometown:  Rockville Centre, New York
Why are you working as a Senior Consultant?  I strive to help others in their journey of becoming better public speakers. Public speaking is a fear so many individuals hold, and having this opportunity to guide students and encourage them in their abilities is so rewarding. After being in this program for a semester I have learned so much and want to continue to use this information to benefit others.
Public Speaking Advice:  Remain calm, take pauses and speak slowly!
Ivan Liu - consultant
ivan l
Year:  Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics
Hometown:  Richmond, Staten Island, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant?  I want to further develop myself in areas of public speaking and how to remain calm in a high pressured situation. Helping others who recognize their flaws in public speaking and are willing to put in effort also motivates me. I feel accomplished and proud whenever I see a person overcome their obstacles after putting in so much hard work and absorbing advice from others. I want to give back to the community and spread the positive influence just like the way I was helped..
Public Speaking Advice:  PRACTICE IS KEY! Without practice, no other strategy will be as effective and you will not improve. Once you have the right mentality, any strategy will work and you are no longer far away from becoming a great public speaker! 
Izabella DiRosa - Consultant

izabella d

Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s): Integrative Neuroscience with a minor in Forensice Health
Hometown:  Endwell, New York
Why  are you working as a Consultant?  I desire to work with others and help them improve their oral communication skills. I know that public speaking is feared by many; however, it is vital and necessary in various areas throughout life. I want to be a part of someone's progression and watch them become more comfortable when speaking in front of an audience!
Public Speaking Advice:  Visualize your confidence! Imagine feeling free of anxiety and engaging your audience in your message. Although this may seem like a stretch for you now, visualization is a powerful tool for changing the way that you feel, and it is how many people improve their performance. 
Jacob Wisnock - consultant
jacob w
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Undeclared, with interest in Political Science
Hometown:  Buffalo, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant?  I'm trying to get to the point where speaking in front of larger audiences feels natural.
Public Speaking Advice: Establish a connection to your audience with appropriate humor towards the beginning of your speech.
Jayden Sieker - Senior consultant
jayden s
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Biology
Hometown: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Why are you working as a Senior Consultant? I chose to come back as a Senior Consultant because of the opportunity the Speaking Center has given me and the experience I've gained. I have gained so many skills and more confidence when it comes to public speaking. I would love to share that knowledge and experience with my fellow classmates.
Public Speaking Advice: Always try to make your presentation more of a conversation. It helps to alleviate the stress of presenting and makes your presentation more engaging and comfortable.
Jordan Walsh - consultant
jordan w
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Linguistics with minor in Speech and Hearing Science
Hometown:  Poughkeepsie, New York
Why are you working as a Consutant? The Speaking Center is a great resource we have on campus and I wanted to be a part of it! I am looking forward to helping people become more comfortable with public speaking and learn to enjoy it.
Public Speaking Advice:  Pay attention to your body language and try not to be tense; relaxing your body will help to relax your mind!
Karen Guo - consultant
karen g
Year:  Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Financial Economics & English with a concentration in Creative Writing 
Hometown:  Flushing, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant? I want to learn how to be a confident individual when presenting work that I have worked hard on, but also to be able to help others with their own public speaking abilities.
Public Speaking Advice:  Be confident in what you say; never take back anything or apologize because everything you say is of importance.
Madelyn Hoskins  - consultant
madelyn h
Year:  Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology
Hometown:  Endwell, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant?  I want to help others become more confident in their public speaking skills while at the same time improving my own!
Public Speaking Advice:  Turn your fears of public speaking into confidence!
Sandy Sparks - Senior consultant

sandy s

Year:  Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s):  Double major in Philosophy, Politics & Law and Political Science
Hometown:  Buffalo, New York
Why are you working as a Senior Consultant? I enjoyed working as a Speaking Consultant my sophomore year and the Center provided me with so many resources - I knew I wanted to come back and help in any way I could!
Public Speaking Advice:  Being patient and persistent will build your speaking confidence!
VIvian Li - consultant
vivian l
Year: Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Management Information Systems
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Why are you working as a Consultant? I want to help others with their public speaking skills and gain more experience and improve my own skills.
Public Speaking Advice: It's alright to pause and gather your thoughts when presenting and in most cases, it's better than using filler words or forgetting what you are talking about.
Yue Z
Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Linguistics with minors in Spanish, Translation and Education
Hometown: Beijing, China
Why you are working as a Consultant? I really enjoy helping people, and I wish to make friends with people who love speaking in public like me.
Public Speaking Advice: For people who feel nervous when they present: Firstly, you need to be fully prepared so you feel more confident. Secondly, you can find a "good listener" and make eye contact with them.