Meet the Team

Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is a combined department on campus to create a unified service. As a team, we welcome your questions and comments about the quality of our service.

Tanya Husick
Tanya Husick is the executive director of Transportation and Parking Services. She holds a bachelor's degree in geography from the University of Pittsburgh and a master of planning degree from the University of Southern California. She has extensive experience in transportation planning at the University of Connecticut, Cornell University, the Commonwealth of Virginia and Alexandria, Va. She is leading a team whose focus is to provide the highest level of service related to transportation and parking at Binghamton University.

David Husch
David is the director of transportation. He holds a master’s degree from Binghamton University, where he has worked for over 25 years. Husch works closely with staff from Off Campus College Transport, Broome County Transit, ETA Transit, Escape and the Koloni Bikeshare to ensure high-quality transportation and related services to the campus community.

Jennifer Bishop
Jennifer is the associate director of TAPS. She graduated from Binghamton University in 2003, and has 19 years of professional experience at the University. With a focus on quality service, she joined Parking Services in 2015.

BethAnn Lubert 
BethAnn is the assistant director of TAPS and the manager of the Call Center. She has worked at Binghamton University for 16 years. Prior to her work in the Call Center, she worked for the Telefund and Alumni Relations. She is well-versed in customer service.

Meghan Schofield
Meghan is the assistant director of marketing. With a background in marketing and communications, she keeps the Binghamton University community updated on the services that are available.