Independent study

Independent study (SW 597)

An independent study is a learning experience that allows a student an opportunity for self-directed learning related to an area of academic and/or professional interest under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. The independent study will involve, in a broad sense, critical analysis and application or development of theories and concepts relating to the area of inquiry chosen by the student. Although the student may engage in creative projects or field research, such endeavors must be accompanied by the previously described academic approaches and written assignments.

An independent study can be taken for one, two or three credits. As a general guideline, a three-credit independent study will require at least 20 pages of written work. An independent study can only be taken as an elective course and cannot be taken in lieu of a required course.

Please note that an independent study cannot be taken if a course is available or offered in the intended area of study.

For more information, review the SW 597 Independent Study form.