Assistantship policies & forms

Application Procedure for Graduate Assistant Positions

All eligible applicants for admission are considered for assistantship positions with the academic area that they are applying to during the admissions process.  The department evaluates all of their existing and incoming graduate students and then decides who to award an assistantship to.  Essentially everyone that is eligible for admission along with current students are considered for assistantships.  

Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures

The graduate assistantship manual includes information regarding:

  • Selection of graduate assistants (GAs)
  • Assignment of GAs
  • Responsibilities of GA supervisors
  • Responsibilities of GAs
  • GA time and attendance
  • Faculty/professional staff evaluation of GAs
  • GA reflections on the GA experience
  • GA dismissal procedures
  • GA forms

Graduate Assistantship Forms

Graduate/teaching assistant attendance and sick leave record (available through Human Resources)